Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday at the Shelter

I was happy to be back at the shelter today. It was a sunny day and I had a small list of cats to rescue.

It was such a pleasure to meet Anicca at the shelter to help her pick out an "Office Cat". I think more people would love to go to work every day if they could have a cute kitty to snuggle with at their desk. After much deliberation, they chose a very cute little GIRL named "Igor":

I was at the shelter the day that Igor came in. Her family was holding each other and sobbing as they had to let Igor go because she didn't like their baby. Pffft. The kid was 18 months - certainly a tough age for any cat. I was pissed, but didn't say anything.

Shortly after rescue, Anicca sent me the pictures of Igor meeting her new "office family":

She fit in beautifully and they love her! She'll have a wonderful life there.

Sometimes things don't always work out so beautifully, which is exactly what happened with Baby. The couple arrived at the foster home with Baby yesterday and it was immediately apparent that Baby literally HATED other cats. It wasn't just a hiss and a was screaming and attacking. It's hard to believe after you see how CUTE baby is when he's NOT around other cats:

Right now, I don't have a Plan B for Baby. He's going to have to go back to his original family with hope they'll give me more time to find a home for him without other cats. Many thank you's to Dori and her family for giving Baby a try.

On my list of cats to rescue today was "any petite female cat that gets along with other cats". Sounds simple, right? I must've picked up 20 female cats that I had hoped would fit the bill. Each one showed extreme anxiety towards other cats.

The problem is - I don't know if that's REALLY true or not. Today was a euthanasia day at the shelter. Thirty cats died alone in their cages. Maybe the remaining cats had a reason to be anxious, and it wasn't a fair assessment. Needless to say, I'm going back tomorrow to try again.

It's SO hard when the cat is a saboteur of his own rescue. There have been times I've held a cat up to another cat and chanted under my breath: Please don't hate other cats, please don't hate other cats, please don't hate other cats..."

I'm meeting a VERY nice sounding lady tomorrow that contacted me about adopting Moe:

The woman sounds FANTASTIC. She just adopted a senior toy poodle that's blind from a rescue. She wanted to help another little soul that looks like he needs to be loved. *happy sigh*

"Please don't hate small blind dogs, please don't hate small blind dogs, please don't hate small blind dogs..."


Anonymous said...

I thought I would just about burst with joy when I saw the picture of Igor looking quite content in the armchair.....then I read about Moe and now I am just a pile of happy goo. Moe is such a gorgeous cat. The picture of him does not begin to do him justice. It broke my heart to leave him behind but Sierra and her tiny pair had little chance of getting out of there and so the tough decision had to be made. This lady sounds like a very kind soul, I hope you make a "love connection" between her and the big guy


Anonymous said...

I'm glad Moe was rescued. I was worried about him.

Igor is a beautiful girl. I think they should give her a beautiful name.

A Cat's Tale said...

Igor looks like a queen on her throne. What a heartwarming photo!

Unfortunately I didn't think that would work out with Baby. It sounds like he has been an only cat with his person and being upset about losing his person and home I didn't think he'd be able to adjust to being around other cats. Bummer.

Beth, I have done some animal communicating and if I recall correctly you have some faith in that. When you talk or send your thoughts to an animal a part of you is also sending a picture. When you use the word 'don't' the word don't gets dropped. If I say "Don't leave your toys on the stairs" you pictures toys on the stairs. Don't go in the street, you picture the animal you are talking to in the street. Try thinking, "Please get along with each other." "Please be friendly" or something like that as long as it's in a postive frame.

Moe is such a cutie! I hope it goes well for him.

Carolyn said...

Tonight a had a little memorial service for all the cats who didn't make it. I couldn't sleep until I did. I've seen the faces each week and lost are missing today. Malcolm & the young torties. I'm happy about Igor and Moe. I hugged my kitties tonight in the bed & kissed and appreciated each one.

Carolyn said...

Hurray, Malcolm's sill there! He must be worth saving, and so many others, soon. I'm also happy to see Jonah and the others have homes. hanks Beth, for bringing the plight oof these cats to many people's aattention.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for Moe (fingers crossed!) and Igor but *so* sad for Baby... I really hoped the other cats would be a distraction from his grief.

I have so much respect for all the people who go into that shelter and rescue the cats. It takes a special kind of courage to go in there, and to *keep* going there. Thank you so much.