Friday, March 19, 2010

A Joyful Day

I'm pleased to report that little Marvin has been rescued! I wish I had rescue pictures for you, but I was merely the "interim" driver today. Many thanks to Kathleen and Carolyn who did the majority of the driving to get this little guy into the caring hands of the vet. The traffic today on every highway was UN-REAL - certainly horse and carriage would've been faster.

Now for the big news: After reading my urgent plea about Marvin yesterday, I received an email from Joanne who is a friend-in-rescue. She was able to secure a wonderful vet (someone I know) who is going to help Marvin without cost, and charge us her cost for any hard expenses (i.e. anesthesia, medicines). I'm absolutely over the moon about this news! He's still going to be an expensive guy, but it means he won't be as expensive as we originally thought!

I honestly don't know what to say. I'm in awe and am humbled by your generosity for this little guy in need. Thank you. Thank you all so very much. Any donations can still be made through the Toronto Cat Rescue website: and click on the Canada Helps button.

Although not as dramatic of a rescue, but certainly as important - we were able to rescue little "Julie" today too:
Julie's foster Mom sent me an email right after Julie arrived to her house:

"She's here! My response is late because I was just shmoozing with her in my bedroom. I have to say WHAT A DOLL!!!!! We're going to call her Daisy. She instantly made herself at home in my bedroom. She jumped up on the bed and was "cooing" and prancing around as if to say "WHAT is this? It is SO soft! It is so warm! It feel so good on my little feet. It is fantastic!!! I'm never getting up! ever!" Then she flopped onto the douvet to get herself some much deserved head pets and belly rubs. All signs of the skittish little kitty you were describing instantly melted away as soon as she touched the soft bedding!"

Why do these kind of emails make me cry??? Maybe because this sweet 4 lb kitten was sitting on ONE SHEET of frickin' newspaper in a cage the size of a microwave for TWO MONTHS. Now she's being loved again. She has a chance again.

Animal loving people rallying to the call for help. People doing what they are able to do: Taking pictures, Emailing, Phone calls, driving, sending money, donating time.

Does rescue get any better than this? Isn't this what it's all about? My heart is full of joy tonight.


Julie said...

Yay for all the good news! Beth, I think this is just what you need to turn your sickness into health - a heart-warming rescue week. Congrats to everyone who made all these rescues successful.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Beth and Kyra for making this such a rewarding day for needy cats & cat rescuers. Marvin rubbed his head against my finger while I drove & I know he's a trooper. Kudos to Joanne for recommending a wonderful vet. I told Julie/Daisy she was going to a wonderful new home and would never be in a cage again, and I'm so happy she's in a loving home. And of course, it was a pleasure meeting you Beth, and we'll meet again & do more rescuing.

Anonymous said...

That is just brilliant news Beth! What a wonderful vet as well! Clearly somebody who became a vet for all the right reasons and not just to make a quick buck (Sadly, I've met a few of those over the years) So glad Marvin is ok.

Has anybody come forward to rescue 'Ranger' yet? I keep hoping to hear he's been saved...