Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Weary Update

I have quite a few updates tonight. I spent the majority of the morning putting out "brush fires" and couldn't leave for the shelter until the afternoon. I'm tired tonight!! I hope I make sense...

An Update on Marvin: I won't go into detail here. But things did not work out with the pro bono veterinarian. Marvin was moved to another veterinarian tonight and doing well despite it all. Everybody who meets Marvin is in love with him! Whomever let this little boy end up in the shelter really missed out on an amazing cat.

I went to bed last night thinking a sweet little Siamese would be euthanized this morning:

I had an adoption call for Ariah last night and for a moment was excited that she might have a chance. Unfortunately, the lovely lady that I spoke with needed a guarantee that Ariah was healthy. I can never guarantee anything when a cat is coming out of the shelter without a complete veterinary exam. So I went to bed thinking that poor Ariah would be euthanized this morning. I woke up to an email from a favourite foster Mom who offered to take Ariah!! I scrambled and was certain it was too late. Fortunately, Kim was on the ball and took Ariah off the euthanasia list, and I was able to rescue her today! Talk about an emotional rollercoaster ride. :)

I also rescued "Mike" (formerly "Dewey") today:

Before I chose Mike, I walked up and down the cages trying to find the right match for a foster Mom and her own cats. It isn't always easy. Some cats seem very sweet until you take them out of the cage and they hate other cats. "Mike" wasn't the most handsome cat in the shelter, but certainly the most mellow and sweet! I tested him with several other hissy cats and he just acted like he wanted to be friends. Perfect! When I brought him to the vets for his neuter, he came out of his carrier like he owned the place. He rubbed against the clinic cat and sat right up on the clinic counter. I love cats like that!

I dropped off "Elmo" (I renamed him "Kurt Russell" Hahaha!) tonight with his foster family. This was their first foster cat and seemed so excited to get Kurt Russell. Kurt didn't disappoint them. There we were in the parking lot at Wendy's and Kurt Russell was purring and rubbing like he had known them his whole life. Much to my amusement when they got in the car, the husband sat in the backseat with Kurt Russell so he wouldn't feel lonely. Isn't that the SWEETEST thing? What an awesome foster family. Thanks to them coming forward, that little guy has a chance at life.

Back to the shelter tomorrow! I was supposed to have a much bigger rescue today, but things slowly fell apart with timing. Looks like the remaining cats will be picked up tomorrow.

More updates tomorrow....I'm pooped! :)

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Anonymous said...

Please update us on Marvin. Did he get his surgery yet?