Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Look What Love Can Do!

I love Before and After pictures. It's weird how they come in on the same day.

Hang in there - I'm saving THE BEST one for last!




Rocky's new Mommy sent this update to his foster Mom:

"....As far as personality goes I have not met a sweeter cat, nor a more hilarious one. He is very doglike in that he comes when I call him (it's a fun game to play because I hear his feet hit the floor and he literally runs to me from across the apartment) and he actually, literally, fetches. He's on a special blend of organic cat food that has made his coat so soft and so shiny. He sleeps on my chest every night, and as he was learning to do with you, gives "hugs" that now reach all the way around my neck. During the day he likes to sleep in a basket by feet beneath my desk - on his back with his legs spread all over the place. I've never seen anything like it!
I will always be grateful to you for picking him up (at the shelter). We are inseparable now and I owe that to your generosity!"

Second is my own little foster guy named "Doug":


"DOUG....AFTER!" Hmmm...not much of a change. Why do my foster cats always look so pissed off in their pictures?

Last...but NOT least is my favourite girl "Bonnie Blue". Some of you who read my blog might remember this emaciated little face from her shelter picture - she had so much hair loss from malnutrition and was literally a skeleton:

"Bonnie Blue...BEFORE"

"BONNIE BLUE....AFTER!" This is a picture taken only TWO WEEKS after her rescue."
Bonnie's foster Mom also sent us a You Tube link starring our Bonnie Blue! If the pictures didn't make you cry, the short video will.

I have to look at all these sweet faces and say, "LOOK WHAT LOVE CAN DO!"

Shouldn't it always be about love in everything we do? :)


whitesocks said...

Your pictures and stories warmed my heart as they always do, Beth.

BTW, may I ask if you know what special brand of organic cat food Rocky's mommy gets him? One of my adopted rescues has a perennial skin and tummy problem and no food I have tried has worked totally, so I'd love to know. Thanks!

House of the Discarded said...

Whitesocks: I don't know, but I'll email her and ask!


Anonymous said...

The cats look great! I'm so glad that Bonnie Blue is doing so well!!!

Anonymous said...

Your cats always look different, they have a look of...nobody is worthy to adopt me..they know they were rescued and brought to the queen bee's house :)

NoviceLife said...

Oh my goodness how wonderful! I LOVE before's and afters!

Smartypants said...

Oh Beth, thank you for this! Bonnie Blue made me so sad when I saw her picture the first time. Now I can't stop grinning - look at her tummy in the "after" picture, all nice and full like it should be!

Anonymous said...


I would try the Natural Balance Duck and Pea as a first line product. Secondly, if she will eat raw, that is by far your best bet. There are lots of easy, pre-done commercial raw diets out there. Additionally, feeding canned is much better for them than dry; as obligate carnivores, the moisture levels and protein availability is much better. There are also kitty probiotics which are essential to any kitty with GI upsets.

And yes, I'm way to obsessed with cat food ever since I found out how bad the very expensive kibble I was feeding my heart kitty was :)


Anonymous said...

Awwww LOVE These posts!!! And Doug has a change...its all in the eyes. He goes from scared and unsure to smug and pretentious...like all cats are by nature. LOL.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Great before and after pictures! This really made my day. Rocky looks like a rich'n'fancy cat now! Gorgeous!

Windy Wonder said...

I second the Natural Balance Duck and Green Peas formula, I feed both dry and canned of the formula.
Solved all the pimples and missing hair patches on my kitty and no more diahhrea!!!

Deb said...

These pictures made my day. There is nothing better than to see a lost, unloved animal find a loving home. Thanks for posting them and have a great day. Deb

whitesocks said...

Thanks so much, Beth, Jen, and Windy Wonder. I'm going to try your suggestions. I've been giving Angel Avoderm as per the vet's recommendation (he gets loose bloody stools and itchy skin) and he improved (but never fully recovered)... except that I changed my other cats' food recently and Angel is obsessed with stealing their food...which has just made his tummy condition really bad so I need to do something drastic. It's tough, feeding your cats different diets :(.

Steph (@MediterraneanMiss) said...

Hi there!
I'm Steph, Dolce (nee Rocky's) mommy. I've been feeding him Before Grain cat food. It's an organic, high protein, 'no-filler' brand that'll run you a worthwhile $27/bag.

I was so touched when Susan told me that you'd posted pictures of my boy up here! I'm so grateful to everybody at TCR for bringing us together. I'm actually in the process of adopting yet another cat from Susan today!