Thursday, January 05, 2012

Mittens: An "After" Story

Over the New Year's holiday I received an email that made my heart skip a beat.  Months ago, I blogged about a cat named Mittens.

Her situation was dire.  She was a big girl and needed help immediately.  After seeing my urgent blog post, she was rescued a few days later by Forgotten Ones Cat Rescue.  I was over-the-moon happy and I figured that was the last I would hear about Mittens. 

Then I got the following email:  (posted with permission and edited for length)

"Dear Beth,
It took four months to find you.
I am sure that you remember Mittens to whom you gave another chance by posting a very touching story about her on your blog.

I am her mom.

Long story short, to show my gratitude to you in person I went to SPCA to meet you up with a bag of gifts the other day. I've been preparing that moment for weeks thinking about the
moment that I finally hug you and telling you how your writing makes my commitment for Mittens ever strengthen. I even saved your posting in my phone and revisit quite often and I
have to confess that I just can't shed my tears each time!...Mittens, now Leena is doing great, happy and content.
She is cared and loved dearly and now the gem of my life. Just let you know that you gave me a tremendous gift and that she won't be sent any where ever!

She is my family.

She fills our empty nest...
Now she's snoring beside me while I am writing to you. She's taking a nap on her favorite spot, a window seat. Her snoring even sounds lovely!

Many many thanks and our love to you.
What you are doing has a great impact on people like me. You not just save cats but hearts and souls.
Because of Leena I now see all the animals with warm heart and in more compassionate way. She enlightens our daily lives and enriches colors our routines.

With Love I hope you have a great 2012 and health and sanity to continue your good deed.

Leena's mom"

Just copying that email makes me cry!  I think I've read it a hundred times since it arrived.  Then came the pictures:

I didn't need a Christmas present this year.  This was by far THE BEST present that anybody could've ever given me.  Thank you to Forgotten Ones Cat Rescue for doing the hard part - rescuing this sweet girl for somebody else to love.


~*Connie*~ said...

It is stories like this that keeps me doing what I am doing as well. (know anyone who is looking for a diabetic kitty?)

Yea for Leena, Yea for Leena's Mom, Yea for you and Yea for Forgotten Ones Cat Rescue!

Faith J. said...

What a great story! Poor girl, I'm so glad now she's in a home where she is loved.

kb said...

I'm so glad she found you! I met Leena's mom a few days ago and figured she was looking for either you or Kim at HAC.
What a happy ending!

Jen Li said...

That is so precious. I'm in tears too. She reminds me of an orange and white tabby we had for 16 yrs and lost New Years Eve 3 yrs ago, Peanut. Love it.

Chrissykat said...

Beautiful letter, beautiful sentiment, beautiful kitty. My eyes are leaking...

Princess Jasmine said...

Awwwww, that is so wonderful. Mummy got the leaky eyes just reading that. We are sooo happy to baske in the happiness that comes from this post :)xx

Anonymous said...

Such a lovely happy ending. I do remember Mittens ..I was so pleased to find her safe and sound on Forgotten ones website I always check there when I'm in a panic when one of my favs. dissapears from the list.
What a wonderful happy ending for Mittens...looks like this little sweetie is where she deserves to be too. Thank you to Leena's mommy for giving us all hope and happiness and thank you Beth for making it possible. This beautiful story ( as one of my good friends is apt to say), lol, sent the tears squirting for me too. Thank you , hugggs and kisses to Leena ! Gail

Anonymous said...

Crystallizes what I have been thinking for a while now. When I look at petfinder, and spot an interesting picture that is often all the info there is. When you take the time to write about your impression of the cat it adds a dimension - from a picture they become a living breathing pursonality. I have to think it gives the adult cats an edge. Still thinking about Noel and how he almost made it out...

Caroline said...

Thanks for the Mittens story, I wish they could all have happy endings like "Mittens".