Friday, January 20, 2012


It's been a long week without David.  Talking long distance and trying to communicate the day's events are never the same as in person.  He should arrive in the next hour or two and I know one little dilute calico named "Phoebe" that is anxious to see her Daddy.  :)

I've spent the day working on our affiliated veterinarian's list.  I think of our vets the way I did about a really terrific babysitter:   (I remember when my kids were little and I had a list of great babysitters that I'd guard with my life.)  I'm very private about who I work with and what I pay. I go through our vet bills with a fine tooth comb and am never surprised to see mistakes.  Some of our vets work with quite a few rescues, and I can't afford to pay another rescue's bills!  

Our adoption lines have slowed down a little bit.  It's a nice change as the first two weeks in January were insane.  I'm grateful that I was alone this week because I was on the phone for HOURS with adoption calls.

I decided to not call the CBC back after their request to talk about the Gas Station cats.  One person made a comment on that blog post that really resonated with me.  Last time I had any major publicity I didn't end up with donations or adoptions, but dozens and dozens of people wanting to dump their cats.  I thought about going on a local programme "Animal Housecalls".  I've done it before, but never had any more adoptions or donations - just people begging for help.  In fact, after that little blip in the local newspaper, I had 6 phone calls today from people wanting help with their cats - and I don't even take cats from the public.  Argh.

I've missed going to the shelter this week.  I think I went only once.  Our time at two Petsmarts are 10 days from closing out for the month,  (Thank God) so I need to insure proper foster space for cats that haven't been adopted.  It's been an awesome month at these two new locations and a very different experience from our last PS location.  Everybody is happy and relaxed. 

I have a corner in my office where I keep our rescue's banners, posters, etc.  I found Sherman in the best spot in the house:

"Baked Sherman"
Happy Friday to all....may you find YOUR special spot near the heater too. 


Deb said...

"Happy Weekend, Beth"

Crystal said...

I Love Sherman, he always makes me smile:)

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Random Felines said...

mmmmmm.....heating vents. ours come out of the floor and the floofy cat and the black cat are the ones that LOVE to sleep on them. :) Good luck with everything (glad David is coming home soon) and keep up the good work.