Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Happy Stuff

As I type this blogpost, Josh is on his way to his new foster home. I'm sure he's wondering what the heck is going on his life and what happened to his former life. I'm glad we were able to skip the shelter this time and give him a chance without ever having set foot in there.

Today was a far more mellow day for me - just providing some cat taxi service for a spay surgery.  Laundry was on the docket for the afternoon.  It never ceases to bewilder me that when I put out a laundry basket on the kitchen table, I end up with a line up a mile long to partake in "The Splendor That Is the Laundry Basket"

Everytime I walked by, there was a different cat in the basket and another one waiting to get in! 

You might remember an older orange girl that I rescued back in December.  Her name was Morla. I'm pleased to announce that Morla (now "Peachy") is Forever Home! In fact, she never made it on our rescue's website because her foster Mom fell in love with her:

Our little rescue was in the news again this morning:  Gas Station Cats Need Help.  The CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Centre) got wind of the article and called me this afternoon for an interview.  I'm definitely not a colony cat expert and feel extremely underqualified to comment.  But I can certainly comment on behalf of these cats and every cat that is homeless and needs help.  Let's hope the publicity gets these guys some help to be trapped, spayed, neutered and (hopefully) socialized. 

I forgot to mention that I been to the shelter yesterday and picked out a REALLY cute black cat for rescue:

The shelter staff made it possible for our handsome boy to be delivered to his foster home!  What service!  (It's such a shame that some people think that this shelter is all about "killing animals" and that nobody cares.)

Nice to have some happy things to write about today.  David is still out of town and the 10 minute long distance calls to Portugual we've been having just isn't the same as sitting by the fireplace at night and chatting about our days. 


Rivi said...

I don't doubt that the staff members at this shelter do the best they can - they are on the front lines, caring for the animals. I'm sure they are saddened after a euthanasia day, when cats they bonded with are killed. I know that they keep cats longer than 72 hours, and
many staff do take cats of the euthanasia list.

The problem is the overall policy of this shelter.
This shelter's City bylaws allow: only 2 pets per household, no free-roaming cats, allow Animal Control to pick up any cat they see outside, allow these animals to be killed after 72 hours, and no adoptions open to the public.
This is all being paid for by taxpayers.
Serious changes in public policy and bylaws are desperately needed.

Rivi said...

On a lighter note, the laundry basket splendor is hysterical!
Cats adore piles of clothes!

Between fridge cleaning and laundry, can you ever get any household chore done without feline involvement?

Debbie said...

Your laundry must smell wonderful, and everyone wants to take a turn!
You and David should skype!!Then you could sit by the fire and talk to him :)
PS) Charlie likes dogs!!!!!!!!
(cats too)

kb said...
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Anonymous said...

This is a great website

Crash course in feral cat management and politics - enjoy!

Lynn Sherwin said...

I am more of a Colony type rescuer,
any questions I would love to answer,

Lynn Sherwin said...

I could never work in euthanasia,
Mind you I worked for a vet, and have seen a few,
Which is why I left working for the vet.
I remember seeing an older Siamese, due to be adopted. At a shelter in Bowmanville ON.
The adopt mom came in, noticed a YOUNGER Siamese, kitten direstly below the older one.
She wanted that one.
Before she even spoke, the older cat KNEW, she had changed her mind.
and went 'crazy'
It was the saddest, most astonishing thing I'd ever seen in my life.
From that day forward, I have had great respect for the intelligence of felines.