Thursday, January 26, 2012


The rescue received a call yesterday from a woman who has had a cat in her back yard for weeks.  Honestly, I probably receive 3 or 4 of these kind of calls daily.  But what inspired us to call her back was the fact that we have a volunteer who lives a few blocks from her AND this cat was dumped in the city where we rescue from the high-kill shelter.  It was only a matter of time that she would be there anyway.

Our volunteer graciously called the woman back and went out to meet this cat.  (Thank you, Shelley!)  My faith in human nature is slowly being restored, because this cat was described as "very sweet" and she was just that - VERY sweet!  The family had made a makeshift shelter for this girl out of a cardboard box, plastic garbage bags and blankets inside.  They obviously tried very hard to make her comfortable.  Our volunteer took her home where she's proven to be fine with other cats (bonus!) and seems very very happy to be inside:
I don't know why, but I want to call her Ann-Margaret.  (Most normal people would want to name her "Smudge") Her face tells me that she has a story to tell. I wish I knew it. I have a feeling she's a very interesting girl.

We have a new one for the list:  "Stupid Reason To Get Rid of Your Cat" .  Ready?  "It's not snuggly enough and it hurts my sons feelings when he tries to snuggle with the cat and the cat won't snuggle back with him." 

I'm flabbergasted .  Gratefully, I wasn't speechless when that EXACT stupid reason came across my desk a few days ago.  Holy shit - stupid people. 
We're finally winding down to the end of a ridiculously busy month. I think our volunteers are exhausted. (I know I am) I woke up this morning feeling that I was on the otherside of the flu bug, only to get dressed, and be completely exhausted after blow drying my hair. Obviously, my body disagrees with my recovery :)

Today is my 800th post. EIGHT-HUNDRED?!!  It's hard to believe I've had enough to say to make 800 blog posts.  Amazing that we "animal people" will read posts on cat poop and be able to relate.  :)

Anyhooooo......Ann-Margaret, you're a fortunate girl and we're happy to find you a great home.  Welcome, little girl.  "Please don't be pregnant...please don't be pregnant...."


Tina said...

LOVE your blog Beth! Your posts entertain, inform and inspire just to name a few. Congrats on number 800 and I look forward to the next 800!!

Debbie said...

Please keep up your blogging, I look forward to everyone of them
Well, you must be feeling a bit better, you showered and blew dry your hair
That is a step in the right direction...keep it up!!!

Anonymous said...

People with dumb excuses like that should have to pay double to surrender their poor cat.

Chrissykat said...

Congrats on #800! Wow! Happy for Ann Margaret...what a sweet face. Feel better soon. Dumped for being non-snuggly?....morons.

Random Felines said...

Congrats on 800!! Purrs to many many more.

Love miss Ann Margaret (and don't get mom started on stupid people).

Anonymous said...

WAY TO GO 800.

Like I said - no problem so big money won't fix it make them pay $$$$ thru the nose for solving their problem. :)) Treat them like a fund raising opportunity!

Harpurr's Mom

Anonymous said...

But isn't trying to convince cats that you're worthy of their snuggles one of the greatest quests of all time?