Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Clean Refrigerator and Me

I cleaned out my refrigerator today.  I can't tell you how good it feels to have a clean refrigerator.  Doing animal rescue doesn't usually leave time for the little things like clean refrigerators, clean baseboards or a swept front porch.  Between a clean refrigerator and a Weight Watchers meeting, I'm feeling like a wild woman. 

The update from Cutie Pie's foster Mom is all good! She said he was the perfect little guy and told a rather endearing story:

"I have two litter boxes with lids in my basement but decided to take one lid off just in case Cutie Pie isn't used to using a litterbox with a lid. I lay it on the floor. I woke up this morning and brought some food for him in the basement. When I called out his name, there was no response. I couldn't find him. I started to panic a bit until I looked over and found him curled up in a ball in the litterbox lid lying on the floor. I ALMOST STARTED CRYING! It was like he was so used to being in that little house that Andrea made."

Bless his little heart.  :)

I've been trying harder to reach out for help which isn't always easy for me to do.  I'm going to have to remember how I felt taking the time to clean my refrigerator AND go to a Weight Watchers meeting on the same day.  Asking volunteers take over some of the day-to-day tasks have definitely made my load a lot lighter.

Apparently, they've cancelled the "vet day" at the shelter tomorrow.  Looks like we have some additional time to rescue some more cats!  I *almost* went out there today after receiving a call from a friend-in-rescue who wanted a cute orange guy rescued.  I had a brief moment of relief when I saw the rainy weather and was grateful I didn't have to leave the house this afternoon. the fire crackles in the fireplace, I can't help but think of the ones that are out in the cold rain tonight, or in a cold steel cage.  Maybe I should've gone to the shelter today afterall.


Andrea said...

Poor little Cutie Pie ! I know that he will get the hang of the living INSIDE a house thing soon ! I bet he was just feeling a little freaked out from the change in his surroundings and the neutering and all.

I am very curious to discover what kind of a cat he will turn out to be -- besides being a Cutie Pie and all...Is he a good guy or a curtain climber ? A lap cat or an independent sort ? A leader or a follower ?

Meaghan said...

I think you did right to take some time for yourself today.
One of the great things about being surrounded by volunteers is that you don't have to do it all by yourself.
Everyone needs time to recharge and to live.

Glad you found time to do that today.

Rivi said...

This is amazing, Beth - you actually had time to do two things today that were not cat related!

For the first time in how long?

Actually, did Sherman enjoy the fridge cleaning?

How's Lloyd doing?

Anonymous said...

Beth you need to learn how to pace yourself! lol I took time to read some of Dog Rescuer's Life recently and she sounds burnt our to the level of a crispy critter and then she went and took in 4 more dogs. It is like she can't help herself. One of the hardest things to learn when you are running a business is how to delegate. Make a list of what you like to do the most (the fun stuff) and delegate the rest. Hope you now have a blood pressure cuff and use it daily. You are doing amazing work, love your sense of humour - stay well.

Harpurr's Mom