Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mutant Ninja Himmie

First, I want to thank those of you who donated to help "Oscar the Himalayan".  His surgery is done and I'm betting he's feeling better now that his eye lashes aren't digging into his corneas:

(I tried and tried to fix that picture so it wasn't upside down, but for some reason, my photo software wasn't coooperating.)

The poor little mutant guy also had undescended testicles, so he had a spay surgery at the same time.  Thank you all so much for your help.  I did receive the vet bill today and almost fainted.  :)

I went to the shelter today and was happy to find that there were very few cats.  They euthanized one poor soul this morning because he was quite ill. 

I rescued a little tortie girl today.  Another rescue took her 2 sisters, but she was left behind. Their owner had died and the family left the three of them:

She's VERY sweet and I'm so glad I took her.  Poor little angel had been there since before Christmas.  She was kneading in the air while she looked at me.  I couldn't leave her.

My January has turned out as chaotic as I had expected.  Being in two Petsmarts at the same time wasn't the best idea I ever had, but we're managing.   David goes out of town for a week next week and quite frankly, I'm glad he's going.  It'll give me some much needed "without guilt" working time for the rescue.  I've been glued to my desk until 9 pm every evening making calls - each time feeling soooo guilty that David's being neglected.  He never complains and maybe I should be worried about that.  :)

Thank you again for all your help with our little Himalayan Wonder Boy.  The vet said he might need a second surgery, but we won't know for another 4 weeks.  Ugh. 


Random Felines said...

kisses to you and Oscar and we love the new tortie girl you saved!!!

Shannon said...

I can't believe Oscar has had his surgery already! You've got some amazing supporters.

Caroline said...

I love that you saved a tortie girl.

Heather said...

I just want to kiss Oscar all over.