Friday, January 13, 2012


I had hoped that this morning's snowstorm would allow me some much needed administrative time for the rescue.  But it turned out that many people stayed home from work today and on the internet. 

Seriously, I don't think the rescue's phone line stopped ringing all day!  The adoptions have been amazing and it's been very exciting around here. 

On a sad note, I heard that a woman brought a VERY pregnant cat to the SPCA (The SPCA and Animal Control share a building...I rescue from Animal Control).  Not only was her cat very pregnant, but she also had a litter of nursing kittens with her. 

Read Carefully:  The SOCIETY FOR PREVENTION OF CRUELTY TO ANIMALS took the kittens away from the very pregnant Mom, and sent the woman to Animal Control with the pregnant Mom where she will be killed if not rescued.  She's an "owner surrender", so the shelter is under no obligation to keep the Mom for 3 days. 

Honestly.  Why do they call themselves the SPCA?  (A City Pound is different.  They can't say "no". ) In all fairness, I'm not an expert on the SPCA - but they seem very poorly managed to say the least.  I hear so much bullshit, that it makes me wonder why the crazy protesters are bothering with a city pound and not asking questions of the SPCA.

I'm having a hard time concentrating on this blog post.  The phone has not stopped ringing and continues to interrupt my concentration.  This might be an Advil night :)

Happy Friday :)


Rivi said...

My understanding is that the SPCA in your city does not euthanize animals for lack of space - the shelter where you rescue kills.

But having said that, I understand that SPCA will accept only healthy, adoptable animals -
I guess according to SPCA a pregnant cat is not adoptable.

Hopefully pregnant mom will be rescued!

What kind of person surrenders her own pregnant and nursing cat who she did not spay!?!

Christine Gittings said...

Are those comments from Rivi, about the SPCA correct ? They're certainly not true for the SPCA i'm familiar with here in Toronto. I dread what will happen to the kittens they separated from their Mum, as well as poor Mum and her unborn kittens?

Person with a nursing cat who lets it out without having it spayed is stupid stupid STUPID!!!

House of the Discarded said...

Christine: I don't live in the same city where I rescue, but the SPCA in Hamilton does NOT euthanize due to space. HOWEVER, they turn people away when they're full which leaves people Animal Control as they're only recourse.


Ecochica said...

The SPCA is so pathetic - i wish they would show these stories on their heartwrenching PSA's begging people for money!

Christine Gittings said...

I believe that the SPCA here which doesn't have overnight staff will euthanize kittens that require around the clock feeding. Hopefully that's not the case for the kittens they took from their Mom.
What a horrible situation for all of them.

BTW Cider (orange tabby that you rescued)said to say Hi and said to send Big hugs your way. She's one happy cat!!!

Lynnyouknowwho said...

It continues to amaze me that Hamilton SPCA continue to fly under the radar. They don't kill because they have HAC do it for them. They claim small capacity but that didn't stop Jim Sykes from bringing in hundreds of Katrina dogs from Lousianna? He found the space for them. True some were housed temporarily in trucks but they still have hundreds inside the building on any given day. Then of course that was because it was to their benefit. $470 per dog when you are bringing in hundreds, goes a long way.

Caroline said...

The SPCA is a joke and some of the animal control protestors have had signs pointing this out. They know the AC and the SPCA are both guilty.

Here's to hoping that someone rescues Momma.

Anonymous said...

I know nothing first hand about the OSPCA, But have HEARD alot of horrid stories,
I wasn't there,, can't justify.
When THS was taken over, I ,,,,,oh never mind,
What's the use.

Anonymous said...

Am only wondering why HAC has so many cast off, kittens and cats?
I heard about HAC on Animal House Calls, then through the grape vine.
But HAC, is only 'doing it's job"
Right? One man I spoke to said Euthanasia, is kinder than letting a cat/kitten, freeze to death, and go hungry on the street.

In a way, he is right, but,
oh God, I hate this topic,
Why are SO many people willing to drop off their pets,
Do they not know the fate of the animal?
Do they not care?
I don't GET IT.
Will we ever live in a world where animals have the same rights as humans?
It just boggles my mind,
Sorry to go on, It is just so sad.
I know the rescue people do their best to 'serve and protect',
Save, and shelter.
We need more people such as you.