Friday, January 06, 2012

Friday In The Land of the Discarded

It was another busy day in the Land of the Discarded.  I left early this morning to do another rescue at the shelter and left with "Walter" a fluffy adult brown tabby.  (His picture has been deleted off Petfinder or I would've posted it)  I quickly fell in love with a 5 month old grey kitten that I rescued too. 

I was saddened to find that they had euthanized a declawed boy named "Perry" stating that he was sick.  There were very few cats at the shelter.  Not a happy place to be after they killed so many.  Lots of empty cages being cleaned.  I hope they died peacefully and once again, I found myself apologizing for being human.

There's a senior guy at the shelter named "Herman":
Oh. my. gosh.  He's SOO sweet!  I'm sure he should've been euthanized by now, but he's obviously become a shelter favourite.  He's not THAT senior - 10 years old or so.  LOVE him! 

Maybe I had orange on the brain today, but I also loved a cutie named "Cheetoh":

I was surprised to find out he was an unneutered male cat.  He didn't have that beat-up-lookin-for-girls look.  I have a feeling he has been indoors and somebody got tired of him spraying and dumped him.  He's SWEET and doesn't know why he's there. 

My own foster guy "Lloyd" is very sick with Calici virus.  He's pitiful and I keep finding him hiding with goopy eyes and drooling.  He's been to the vet so there's not much left to do but make sure he's hydrated.  In the meantime, he looks awful.  I keep warming up Fancy Feast Grilled Tuna (aka: "Kitty Crack") to keep him interested in food. 

I'm glad it's Friday.  For me, Friday isn't much different from any other day of the week because it's a 7 day per week volunteer job.  But David's home and I've got some support with day-to-day household stuff.  I think I need something fun to do - even if it's just a movie or some shopping.  Maybe I'll leave my cell phone home for a few hours.  (or maybe not.)  :)

Happy Friday!


Daisy said...

The city run shelter in my city put down over 26 cats because of calici virus. they said it was a bad strain and didnt want it to spread. they euthanized every cat in the shelter. it was heart breaking

Random Felines said...

love those big orange boys - mom rescued one outside her office with those big tomcats cheeks!!!

Rivi said...

The orange cats are gorgeous!

9 adoptions in Petsmart in a day is amazing!

495 adoptions, not to mention the cats being fostered - 500+ lives saved from Death Row!

Wouldn't it be nice if enough cats could be rescued from Death Row, so that the shelter could go out of business!


GoLightly said...

Wouldn't it nice if ALL shelters posted their weekly euth rates.

As opposed to just the yearly adoption rates. The numbers just might wake someone up?

I am so tired of the cheery shelter personna. The reality is so much darker. Thank you for shining your kind light in there.

Caroline said...

Glad you got Walter out, I really hope that Herman gets pulled by someone, if he's older he would probably be a low maintenance sort of guy. Let us know if he makes it out.
The AC should have to substantiate why they euthed so many. I still don't know how you do it, I even hesitate reading the blog.

Caroline said...

RIP Perry!

Anonymous said...

Good summary on Wikipedia

Euthanizing seems to be how shelters deal with outbreaks. An outbreak of VS-FCV at a humane society in Missouri in 2007 led to the euthanasia of the entire cat population (almost 200 cats) to contain it. Vaccines have limited effectiveness. So sad. Hope Loyd recovers.