Monday, January 23, 2012

Some Happy Updates!

I woke up this morning thinking today would be insanely busy, but as the morning progressed I found my calendar slowly clearing.  I love it when that happens! 

An Update on Cutie Pie. You might remember this pitiful little sweetie:

He's quickly blossomed into a wonderful, loving housecat.  In fact, it's been reported that he's quite smitten with the foster Mom's dog.  We renamed him "Wesley", but I think he'll always be a "Cutie Pie" to me.

A few weeks ago, I put out an embarrassing post-Christmas plea for donations for Oscar, the Himalayan that needed eye surgery.   I'm thrilled to report that we ended up with enough donations to JUST cover his eye surgery!  Right now, we're praying that he won't need a second surgery.  We'll know in two weeks.  His eyes look GREAT:

(Once again, I can't figure out how this picture became rotated this way.  But you'll get the idea!)

I received a really neat letter in my regular mail this morning.  I thought the art of letter writing was long gone and was thrilled to receive a lovely 4 page handwritten letter from England this afternoon!  Jackie told me how she adopted a little black cat from the shelter that had been in a cage for 6 months and nobody wanted her.  Her pictures that she sent me spoke volumes for the happy ending that Kitty received with Jackie:

Thank you, Jackie for taking the time to write me.  It meant a lot and will remain in my scrapbook with other emails and letters that have great meaning to me. 

I love it when days that I dread turn out to be days that I treasure.  Thank you all for making that possible.


Caroline said...

Wesley is cute as a button, I love the white stripe on his nose! Thanks for the good news post.

Wednesday said...

Sounds like today was an awesome day!

hmacross said...

Wesley sure is a Cutie Pie! I love it when a street cat finds a home.

Shane Kent Louis said...

Wesley, you look so stunning today! :)

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Anonymous said...

Love Wesley! Reminds me of my late Aspen, right down to the white booties, white stripe and bib. Gotta love the Victorian tabbies!