Wednesday, December 14, 2011

O' Happy Days!

It's been a while since I felt like I was really *doing something* at the shelter.  Yes, I do rescue from there but sometimes I leave with cats and feel like I haven't done all that I could do.  Today was really a terrific rescue day. 

It isn't often that I get to rescue a BLACK SENIOR cat and I'm pleased to say that "Rosie" is now Forever Home:
Rescuing a black senior cat feels like I rescued 10 cats.  This sweetheart really beat the odds.  She's a sassy thing and I think her new Mom was thrilled with her. 

I also rescued a couple more cuties "Beau" and "Carli"

I also rescued "Snickers" who is only about 12 weeks old:
I think the vet was smitten with Snickers!  He rubbed his little black lips all over the vet's face.  It was SOO cute. 

The best rescue of the day was "Morla".   Morla was brought into the shelter with the tips of her ears burned off by frostbite.  I'm sure you'll hear the enthusiasm in my voice today:

I wish every day could feel like this one!


Anonymous said...

I smiled when i read this. I am so happy for all the rescues, my heart felt better after hearing about Rosie being rescued. I rescued a cat named "Chester" last July from the shelter. He was "older" cat. Thank you Beth for what you do. You really are an angel on earth! Oh, and thank you to the beautiful person who rescued an older cat! They are wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy that you had a good day! I'm also really glad that older cats like Rosie and Morla get a second chance! I love senior cats and its hard to see them in shelters because it can be really hard for them to get adopted...


Anonymous said...

Hi Beth: Yes, I am thrilled with Rosie! She’s a sweetheart with such a positive attitude. She chatted all the way home, answering each and every time I spoke to her. She is settling into her own room for a while before she is slowly introduced to the rest of her forever home and three fellow cat mates. She is simply one the friendliest, talkative, confident and curious cats I have had the pleasure to meet. Thanks Beth, for rescuing Rosie and all the other cats! Bonnie.

House of the Discarded said...

Bonnie: Thank you for the update and giving Rosie a wonderful home!


Robin Sarafinchan said...

I love rescue day!

Fuzzy Tales said...

What a great day all round, Beth. And so nice to read a comment from Rosie's new "mom"!

Anonymous said...

Beth there are 2 female Himalayans in the shelter that one of the staff from the PetValu Queen St E is interested in. Her Himi died about a year ago and she is finally ready to get another. I gave her your contact information.

What happened to the Siamese who's owner died?

Harpurr's Mom

Huffle Mawson said...

As a black senior myself, hearing Rosie's story makes me so happy!

Huffle Mawson, Honorary Husky and Explorer Cat

House of the Discarded said...

Harpurr's Mom: The Himmies went to NORTH Toronto Cat Rescue today. They're also taking the Siamese whose owner died too!


Chrissykat said...

Oh I could't wait to read this post after seeing the title!!! I'm doing a happy dance in my living room for these sweet rescued souls! Rosie, Rosie...what a beautiful senior lady. I'm sure Beau & Carli look much happier now that they are out of those cages. And my oh my...what a face on Snickers! Made me lol when I saw that precious face! A good rescue day indeed...job well done!!!

Morla...made me cry....good tears though (for once).

Caroline said...

Hip, Hip Horray! for a very successful rescue day!