Tuesday, December 06, 2011


My spaghetti sauce is cooking on the stove and the smell of garlic and carbohydrates permeate the rooms of the house.  It leaves me feeling a little nostalgic and wondering if there's anything else on this blog I can possibly say?

I've been writing now for 4 years and almost 800 posts.  I think there are some that rely on my blog to see what's going on at the shelter and others who find cat rescue interesting or inspiring.  But for the most part, it's really just a look at my life in cat rescue.  I never expected anybody to really read this blog!  Believe it or not, it was just something I did for myself as a diary of my life.  I've definitely been an "open book" and disclose (maybe too much) about myself and my life. 

You'd be surprised at the shitty comments that I decide not to post.  For some reason, people think that because I do animal rescue that I must be perfect, thoughtful, patient and kind at all times.  I can't imagine why anyone would think that.  Recently, I posted about two kittens that I rescued and was saddened to have left the Mom behind to die at the shelter.  Funny thing is....the nasty comment that I received on that post never asked if the Mom was healthy or feral?  The kittens weren't with her - they were in another room and definitely old enough to be on their own.  Sometimes I really hate opening myself up for criticism like that.

I suppose there's a lot I *don't* say in this blog.  When the crazy protesters came along causing lots of problems with the shelter where I rescue, I began to censor myself which changed the way I wrote.  To be honest, writing in this blog hasn't been the same since.  Every time I wrote something, I would find it torn apart on the Crazy Protesters' Facebook page.   I'm grateful that they seemed to have turned their ambitions to something more realistic.  Maybe because I stopped giving them so much ammunition?  

I think *I* still need to write and express myself here.  Every day, I fight becoming one of  "those jaded rescuers".  I want to think that the majority of the adopters that contact me are good people and their intentions honourable.  I shake my head as I hang up the phone with yet another owner wanting to dump their cat and remember that I'm imperfect too. 

"Imperfect" might be the understatement of the year. 


Wednesday said...

I'm from PA, so have no local connection to what you write about, but I imagine that your experiences are very universal to those who are in the front lines of pet rescue. I am very impressed with your dedication in the face of what you encounter on a daily basis. I read your blog because I find it inspiring and I hope one day to gather the courage that you have to be more involved in local pet rescues other than writing checks and, of course, always adopting my pets from rescues. I hope you keep up your great work!

House of Mystery said...

Some people find it easy to be spiteful to others when they would be better suited to question before they respond.
As for the "Crazy Protesters", are they making a difference to the cats.. or just to their egos. The character of a person is easy to judge by what they do for those who can do nothing for them.

Anonymous said...

Perfect or imperfect, you get off your ass and you do what you can do! That's almost certainly more than the nasty posters do themselves! I follow your post because it pushes me to try to do just a little more...and as you say, ALL the kittens deserve that much! You don't have to be perfect Beth...you just have to be YOU! AND trust me, no one can be a more perfect you than YOU!


House of the Discarded said...

Wednesday and Tina: ((GROUP SQUEEZE!!!!)))

Thank you both :)


ABBY said...

I have read your postings for some time now and rarely comment, I think I only commented once before. We work with a rescue/adoption group. We only volunteer and do weekly adoption days at Petsmart and any other thing that they ask. Only thing we can't do is foster with 5 cats of our own (several from their rescue) we don't have a safe room for fostering. But I admire what you do so very much because I see firsthand what our leader does here. It is a lot of sacrifice for the good of defenseless animals. I don't understand anyone criticism, if they could experience a week of your life I highly doubt that they would ever criticize again. Keep on going because what you do is fabulous and when you think of all the lives you've been able to save well you know you have a little angel looking over you.


Anonymous said...

Beth, Hope I was not too direct with my heath "coaching". You see I am a nurse and I see everyday how people that are driven to nurture put everyone else first. You want to help like you want that next breath of air. For me, I am a problem solver - my compulsion is to offer information to help solve problems usually around health issues. I own a service that provides emergency back up care for sick family members often kids. Reading your blog is like a window into another world. I love animals and admire anyone who protects them. So my wish for you is that you stay in the best of health. I hear Benson has a forever home... I have mentioned Fresca to Sue and she has not said flat out no so you might might want to test the waters there. :-)

Harpurr's Mom

Allison at Novice Life said...

Beth I completely understand what you mean in not wanting to become the jaded rescuer. Just know that every day that goes by that you continue to rescue and live by the reasons you started in the first place, then you are doing just fine!

All those idiots that make nasty comments have never walked a day in a true rescuers shoes and wouldn't last 8 hours if they tried.

Debbie said...

I personally look forward to reading your blogs!
Don't stop writting how you feel , it is your way of staying sane and venting so you don't blow a gasket!
Keep it up!!

House of Carnivores said...

I'm another lurker, having only posted one other time before, but I read your blog every day! You are an inspiration. Being somewhat involved in a few things myself, I can say that in my experience, the people that shriek that loudest at everyone else are the ones that do the least. Don't let em' get you down.

Caroline said...

Beth, you are doing a great job.
I think everyone is just frustrated about all the irresponsible ppl that dump their animals. Some of the protesters may not be there for the right reasons but I believe that the majority are. Not everyone lives close enough to the shelter to do what you do. The shelter has also done very little to show they are improving, they should definitely separate from the SPCA who want to look like the good guys but are really bullies in disguise. The city needs a serious TNR (trap, neuter, release) program why isn't the shelter doing that? Colonies could be maintained by volunteers like they are in Toronto.

As for the mom that was euthed, I think you needed to explain that she was not with the kittens at the time.

I think the SPCA and Humane Societies should open spay and neuter facilities and let the animal controls deal with adoptions. At least the animal controls are transparent about the euthanasias that they perform.

minimouser said...

I think you are soing a wonderful job!

Caroline said...

Beth, look in the Life section of today's Toronto Star and you'll see a family similar to yours where the cats eat on the island (complete with kitty water fountain) and lay on the dinner table. This lady lives near you, maybe she'd like to be your friend?

House of the Discarded said...

Caroline: OMG! I read that article and cut it out for David!! I laughed out loud and was thrilled to find out there was somebody else who let their cats lick on the dinner rolls. LOLOL


~*Connie*~ said...


I totally appreciate your blog on so many different levels. It reminds me that I am not out there alone. I read a lot of kitty blogs and a few foster blogs, but rarely do I see the negative side portrayed at all on these blogs. There is nothing wrong with that - we all want to see the happy side of rescuing, but I often deal with high risk fosters and deal with the negative a lot. I totally appreciate that you are willing to say that sometimes rescue sucks.

I've said it before, I am sorry there are people out there who will trash you for the choices you make. They can't be happy you saved two, they have to rankle about the one (or more) that you couldn't. It really is shameful (and yes I hope they read that) instead of offering you help they only want to tear you down. If you were to quit because of them, how many lives would be lost?? Why can't they see that???

It is a shame you have to even consider justifying the decisions you make. If you couldn't save the mom, you couldn't save the mom. Even if she was perfectly healthy and loveable, it would be irresponsible of you to take more then you can handle and everyone would lose out. you would probably get frustrated and stop rescuing, you might run out of money, you wouldn't have enough time to care for them all properly and they wouldn't be properly cared for / socialized. (all things I have to remember when I want to take home more then I can deal with)

thank you again for doing what you can do.

House of the Discarded said...

Connie: Thank YOU for what YOU do! Rescuing the tough cases is the hardest part about rescue. It's being in the trenches....