Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Rescue and A Rant

I drove out to the shelter this afternoon with fog and drizzle and was greeted with some cheery artwork on the door to the cat area.  On one hand, I felt happy that there was some cheer within an otherwise gloomy area, but mainly felt sad:

1.  There's a picture of cats near a Christmas tree.  The cats in this shelter don't have a chance to enjoy the holidays.  They're killed if not rescued.  There are no adoptions. 

2.  A Mom cat with kittens????  C'MON - how about a sign that says, "All we want for Christmas is to be spayed or neutered!"  That's a message that needs to be sent to the public who comes in looking for their cats.

Yesterday, I was at the shelter when a couple of young guys (20-something) came in looking for their cat.  I was excited to learn they were looking for a black cat!  (Yahoo...somebody is missing their BLACK cat, right?)  The staff member points out a black cat and then says, "Couldn't be that one - that cat is neutered."  In other words...these guys were looking for their unfixed male cat.  Gee.  I wonder why he ran off? 

Can we educate these dipshits guys please?????

I came home with a 12 week old little girl that I thought was pretty cute:

I can't think of a creative name for her. I used the name "Holly" because it's Christmas season, but am game to hear some good, creative, cute names for her too. Sherman was missing little Chester and seemed happy to have a new friend to terrorize. :)

The white guy that I spoke of yesterday is still there.  He now has an Upper Respiratory Infection and has been moved into the sick room.  He still got up and looked at me with great hope when I walked in.  My heart broke.  He's going to need some nursing care and some love. 


Chrissykat said...

As usual, I agree with you. It really is a perfect opportunity to educated (and still be festive). Maybe someone "in the know" can offer to do the mural next year?

Happy day for sweet Holly or sweet, yet to be named. I think Holly is cute and fitting.

Thinking of the white boy...often. A Christmas miracle??? Maybe???

GoLightly said...

I like Holly, too! BFF's old cat was named Holly, same colour pattern, although old Holly was a long-hair. HollyLight:)

Merry Christmas, and rant on. You've given me an idea.
Why is it my ideas always cost me money...

Anonymous said...

Your video led me to youtube. Not everyone has such uneventful promotions. For instance one of the shelters posted : (warning pee first before watching this)


House of Mystery said...

I was thinking she looks like a Mara?

Caroline said...

Here's to hoping the white cat is lucky enough to find someone that is willing to nurse him back to health.

Marisa said...

Hi all,

If he hasn't already been rescued PAWS will spring Noel in time for Christmas. We're in touch with the shelter right now.

Happy Holidays everyone!!