Friday, December 30, 2011

More Advil, Please

I've been battling a nasty sinus infection and haven't felt up to snuff to really write.  I used to think people who whined about a sinus infection were wimps - until I actually got one.  Holy Moly...

The past two days have been spent organizing the Petsmart Adoption Centres and volunteers beginning on Monday.  I desperately need to get to the shelter for a rescue but have been too sick and too busy to get out that way. 

I enjoyed speaking with one of the Directors of another rescue today.  We exchanged war stories and found that we had lots in common.  I always go with caution with another rescue because not all rescues are as kind as they make themselves out to be.  Some can be downright nasty. 

My latest foster "Lloyd" (also known as "Donnor" on the shelter website) is doing great - he's a great fit with my gang. 

After posting about the euthanasia of "Noel" on Wednesday's blog post, I got a lot of flak from the Crazy Protesters.  Instead of being compassionate, I received not-so-anonymous crappy messages.  Way to be supportive fellow "rescuers"!  It's easy to pass judgment when you sit behind a computer signing senseless online petitions instead of actually doing something. 

I may have felt crummy, but that didn't stop our volunteers who wanted to go to the shelter and rescue several adults!   "Benji" and "Joe" are now safe for those who follow the shelter's Petfinder page:

Benji Before.....

Benji After:

For those who didn't get enough cuteness from those's a little more of Benji right after his rescue:

Be safe on New Years tomorrow evening!   I think David and I are going to do "The Old Folk's New Years Eve" and stay in with a bottle of Sparkling Cider.  I couldn't be happier.


Fuzzy Tales said...

Benji's "after" pic and video just melted my heart, Beth. A great way to end 2011.

My wish for you for 2012, and for all those who foster and rescue, is that the universe gives you whatever it is you need to meet the challenges ahead, because always there will be difficulties. My wish is that you all recognize the amazing work you're doing and that 2012 brings more success than "failure."

Universal Peace and Blessings,


Wednesday said...

I'm so sorry about Noel, but you should not blame yourself. His former owners, or breeders, should. I agree with other posters that shelters should give a more realistic view of what will happen to the animal they are dumping.

Take care of that sinus infection! I had one for weeks that wouldn't clear, finally went to the doctor and turned out I had strep in my sinuses! I'm still on antibiotics!

Hope you have a happy new year! Reflect on all of the lives you've saved! They appreciate what you do and so do we.

Faith J. said...

Yay for adult cats getting out of the shelter!

Anonymous said...

Dear Beth, Please take care of you for a change. Bless have just given me two of the loveliest New Year's gifts ever. Benji and Joe. I thought they were lost, but you surprised me and made my day special...Thank you love Gail

Anonymous said...

Sinus infections, quite frankly, suck. What does help are the saline rinses (gross, I know)but they really do work.

All the best for 2012!

Karin and the rest of Noah's ark!

P.S. It's only "old folk's" New Years if you celebrate with Ovaltine and a Wheel-of-Fortune DVD!


Random Felines said...

mom says she feels you pain. and that stupid people suck and need to get a life!!

lovey kitties! Blessing for what you do and to a great 2012.

Melissa W. said...

It was my first experience with the marked cages. I went in for a young teenage cat, but I came out with a 4 year old love muffin Joe.
He was saved in the nick of time and that feels better than rescuing a young one.

BeckyH said...

I'm guessing that any one of those Crazy Protesters could have rescued Noel, but didn't. It sounds like they didn't even think about trying to save him. Too busy pointing fingers.

I love Benji's after photo! Ahh happy kitty!


Shannon said...

Lloyd looks like he has a little smirky grin on his face in that pic! Well this is going to be a good year for me. I know it'll be the year that I finally adopt a cat.

Anonymous said...

I hope I am not one of the crazy protestors,
I mean I am crazy,
But I would not attack you for what happened.
I was very upset, not at YOU but of SOCIETY in GENERAL, who can't or won't, help save cats. kittens.
I shot off a post about educating the PUBLIC, about the plight of resurers, and homeless cats.

Not long ago, I had TAS in to take two litters, the moms, and several fixed, adults,
I had bonded with these animals, It was a heart breaking day.

I was reported by neighbours,

I chose to work alone, Not always the best way to go..

I applaud you Beth, for what you do,
It's not always easy.

I look after my mother who is 90 and delerious, it's hard. to do.

I have health troubles, I will know soon how serious, Hoping it's not Cancer.

I am sorry to tell you all of this stuff.

I am sure everything will work out.

You did and you DO an excellent job resueing .

I hope you feel better soon re: sinus problem.

Happy New Year.

Caroline said...

What a heart warming video of Benji. Congrats to the rescuer who got him out. On New Years eve I studied or tried to read my textbooks while my foster cat, "helped" by laying on the pages I was trying to read and of course I felt guilty when I had to disturb her by turning a page! lol Happy New Year to Beth and all her followers.