Friday, December 02, 2011

Pee On My Snowman

Yesterday I decided would be the day to put up my indoor Christmas decorations.  I had Christmas music playing and forced myself into some holiday spirit as I pryed open the green and red plastic boxes that were dragged up earlier by my sons. 

As I opened the first box, the familiar stench of dried, old cat pee hit my nose like a ton of bricks.

"NO!!!  Who pee'd on my Snowman?????" I screamed.

Cats scattered for a moment and came slithering back.  Did each one look guilty or was that my imagination?  How on earth did pee get IN the box with the lid over it?  Did I pack it away last year with pee on it?

I really liked that snowman.  It wasn't anything special - no sentimental value.  But I liked it. 

The way I describe things, you'd think my house was a festival of pee.  Not so!  But I do occasionally find the random crystalized drops of pee in places that I wouldn't expect.  A few days ago, I found a little bit of pee on top of my scale in my washroom.  "What on earth....?"

Such is life with multiple cats.  I think people with one cat don't have that occasional problem, but I know better. 

Tomorrow is our adoption event and my cats were in an excited flurry over the box of adoption agreements, spay/neuter agreements, toys, cat dishes, pens, Temptation Treats and other goodies to make the event more enjoyable.  After the snowman incident, I pulled everything out of the box.  I won't be attending the event and I need to know that nobody in my house took it upon themselves to pee in THAT box. 

Buy why would they?  There's Temptation Treats in that box - Sacrilege!!


Anonymous said...

Hahaha... this post is so funny. This sounds exactly like my house, anything you care about or just like in general they seem to pee on it. Last night we forgot to bring the litter to the main floor, for the cats that are afraid to go near the dogs or the basement or the stairs .... and we got a big "F-You" this morning. There was a pee on my sons school art, the heater rad, the muffin tin, my hair straightner and a poop on the floor where the litter box should have been. While blowing my nose later on, I noticed where the pee smell I could not find was coming from....the kleenex box!

I can't wait to see what happens when I get out my Christmas stuff, my husband left the door to the storage room open for a week.....AKA. Kitty Bliss. I swear my house smells like I use cat pee as a cleaning supply.

House of the Discarded said...

Sarah: LOLOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you girls...i am delighted to hear this I'm not the ONLY one with recalcitrant kitty cats ! Aren't they just the BEST little house decorators of all time ? Now WHY do your comments make me feel better ? LOL.. I guess misery loves company !

Now what would you say to hubbies who very carefully carry your most favourite very special angel tree topper up the stairs , then drop it on the ceramic floor ? Aaaggghhhh ! china angel heads and ceramic tiles should never come together. Here comes another shopping trip .........I may find a few more items besides a special angel while I'm out there LOL! Gail

Anonymous said...

How to wrap a cat for Christmas