Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Today was a bit of a down day (NOT "downer) for me.  My sons borrowed my car and I found myself with an unexpected "admin day".  I'm terribly behind on my tax receipts, so today was the day!

I received an email today about a cat from the shelter named "Bubba":
What the picture doesn't show you is that Bubba is a "two-hander" - he weighs at least 20 pounds.  So when an adoption call came in for Bubba I was quick to tell them that he was "full figured" first.  That didn't bother Jean!  She loves big cats, and after being approved for adoption by me, she drove to the shelter within the hour and met Bubba. Bubba curled his cute little fat head in her hand and it was *love* and Bubba had a home.

Tomorrow, I'm picking up a little girl named "Morla":

Morla is about 4-5 years old and came into the shelter with the tips of her ears off from frostbite.  I think she has a sad story to tell, but you wouldn't know it.  She's genuinely a sweetheart.  I think I want to rename her "Peachy".  Somehow, that feels better than "Morla". 

I asked a foster Mom to rescue the little black and white girl that I posted about yesterday:

I'm happy to report that "Tippy" is snuggled and enjoying every moment of happiness she deserves in her new foster home:

Look at her paw - she's kneading in happiness!!!  Many thank you's to "Beth C" who ran out this morning to pick her up. 
It was a busy day today for this rescuer who never left the house - but in all honesty,  I don't think I'd be happy as an "Armchair Rescuer". 


Faith J. said...

I am so happy to see adult cats get adopted! Kudos to Bubba and Peachy and their humans!

Bubba's back looks partly shaved to me?

House of the Discarded said...

Faith: Yes...he had HORRIBLE matts on his back :(


Caroline said...

I'm glad 'down' meant at home instead of put down. Tippy looks so happy. I love that face, I've seen it in my own fosters.

Chrissykat said...

Tippy is smiling and making biscuits! What a difference in those two images...wow. And two big cheers for Bubba and Peachy!

Lory and Co. said...

Such happy news! Congrats to Bubba and his new mom! And so happy to hear about Tippy and Peachy having warm and loving homes for the holidays!

As for admin days, I was going to send my donation via an Xmas card but will probably send it electronically as I want you to get it in time!

Rivi said...

Beth - if your car is borrowed, and you need a driver - call me!

I think you are amazing, and as I told you before, angelic. I don't know how many people could stand to go to the Shelter (Death Row), manage to rescue some cats, knowing others will be murdered. As you yourself said in your blog, walking through the room before the vet comes in is horrific.

And yet, you do this over, over and over, for the cats and kittens you manage to save. How many more would die if not for the work you do? We all grieve for Simon and the euthanized mom. But you save lives again, and again!

One person alone cannot stop the killng in shelters. It takes a concerted, societal, civic effort to declare a shelter a no-kill shelter, and change policy.

Do not be discouraged by protesters who likely never worked in the trenches of rescue.

You are a cat angel in human form!

zoe said...

Can't wait to see Peachy's "after" picture. The look of contentment on Tippy's face is priceless, she looks like a different cat.

Ecochica said...

OMG could Tippy look any happier???

Wednesday said...

I love that picture of Tippy and her happy toes!