Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Nesting

It's always a happy day when my daughter from Southern California comes to visit.  I pick her up from the airport today at 3:30 and I feel like I should be motherly and baking something.  (Maybe I'll just squirt Gingerbread Febreeze through the house.)  As I laid in bed this morning, I  realized that this will be our last Christmas together sans husband.  What a way to start the day with memories of a little girl in red Mary Jane's and tears streaming down my face.  UGH.

I took a picture of The Sherminator last night as we've  I officially decided to make him A Turner.  David still doesn't know we adopted him, but his picture is off the rescue's website and he's not leaving.

Sherman was SO happy and thanked me profusely by having his own little party in my guest washroom:

My youngest son promised that when he moves out he's taking Sherman with him.  Where have I heard that before? 

Surprisingly, the rescue's phones are still ringing and we have adoptions still pending.  I figured that we'd slow down by now, but that doesn't seem the case.  I guess everybody wants to give a homeless cat a home for the holidays.  It'll be interesting to see how busy we are in January.

Yesterday, we received a call from the shelter asking us to take a 4 week old kitten that had just arrived.  Many thank you's to the volunteer who ran out to the shelter to pick up this little dude.  His name is "Tiny Tim" and I'm sure you'll agree that it's a name that's entirely appropriate:

Wow.  I'm totally having an estrogen-filled-maternal-nesting-thing going on today.  If I could burp that kitten and put a diaper on him, I probably would. 


Fuzzy Tales said...

Hurrah for Sherman. :-D

Love how he celebrates. LOL.

Tiny Tim is giving even ME an estrogen-filled-maternal feeling.

Have a wonderful holiday, Beth, with your family.

Random Felines said...

Tiny Tim gave mom a serious "awwwww" moment. :)

YEAH for Sherman...though we admit we think we saw this coming. And the celebration looked like great fun!

Tina said...

Yeah! So happy to hear you are keeping Sherman. That's one lucky kitty. Our first time out fostering we ended up keeping 2 tabby sisters (Lily & Shelby). No adopter would have been good enough. I suspect you felt the same about the Sherminator :-)

Tiny Tim is too precious for words. What a cutie pie!

Merry Christmas Beth.....sounds like the holidays will be extra special for you this year.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness Beth, TT is beyond adorable! Thank you so much (and also to the volunteers/foster parents that made his rescue possible!) Heck, even *I* would burp and diaper him and I haven't got a maternal bone in my body!

Also, colour me surprised that Sherman ended up becoming a Turner...Really? Never saw that coming. At all.... ;-) Loved his celebration, very much his style :D

Have a wonderful time with your daughter and a very Merry Christmas!

Cindy, Bertie, Sammy, Malley, Batman, Garth and Avery

Anonymous said...

Finally....... the truth comes out, Sherman stays...HURRAY!!!
At least you won't have the concern of him terrorizing anyone elses home but your own!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Beth, you can always put a bit of orange peel and a cinnamon stick and bit of cloves in a pot of water to simmer on the a lovely "homey " aroma.
Just remember to turn the stove off LOL... then you can leave it sit to send a lovely aroma throughout the house...helps drown "cat pee aromas too " lol...enjoy your's never the same when you have to share them Love Gail.

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Awwww, even hubby wants to burp and diaper Tiny Tim...of course, he did more of that with the girls than I did because I was working two jobs. You know, Sunday is the day my girls, the sons-in-law and my grandbabies (wait, the baby is 3 now? How'd that happen?) invade my home. And yes, the last visit without "the husband" was hard. It was well offset by the first Christmas with GRANDCHILD! And really, both my sons-in-law are good wait, they're great men.

Debbie said...

Congrats on adopting Sherman!
You will never be bored with him around and he is like having another child , leaving messes for you to clean up after.
And Tiny Tim ...OMG !!!!!!

Lory and Co. said...

Congrats on adopting The Sherminator! He's a lucky boy! And Tiny Tim is adorable!

Caroline said...

No surprise for the Sherminator. He knew he was staying! As for diapering Tiny Tim, have you ever tried to diaper a cat?? I have and all I can say is good luck to you! Make sure you get the diapers for wiggly babies!