Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Rescue List

It's rare that I show up to the shelter with the intention of rescuing 3 cats and leaving with only 1 cat.  Walking out the door with 1 cat and two empty carriers wasn't the plan of the day. 

I had a specific agenda today.  I had space for 1 teenage male kitten for myself, 1 longer haired friendly cat who likes other cats and dogs for another foster home, and a "rescue anybody as long as he/she gets along with other cats and is adoptable" for somebody else.  Going into the shelter with that kind of list is usually pretty easy, but it wasn't the case today. 

I must've walked up and down the aisles and the cat rooms for 45 minutes.  I'd hold up one cat to another cat.  "Doesn't like other cats" or "Getting sick." or "Possibly pregnant." or a big "Caution" sticker on their cage.   I finally settled on one sweet fluffy girl who had been at the shelter long enough to probably get sick:
Dalilah seemed great with other cats and I had hopes she would be OK with the foster parent's busy house. 

Deciding on who to rescue today was unusually agonizing for me.  Some of the cats looked so depressed they didn't lift their head to greet me.  There was an ADORABLE declawed white guy in Room #2.  I called one foster Mom from the shelter who has a love for white cats.   Everytime I'd walk into the room, he'd get up and looked so expectant that I was his family coming to save him.  "I have to get him out of there."

Some people don't realize that I can't just start loading up cat carriers with rescues.  Foster parents rely on me to make the right choices for their own cats, dogs and family.  If fostering is fun, they'll continue to do it.  I can't guarantee that it's always fun - often it isn't - but I can't just say a "Hail Mary" and load up a shitload of cats for rescue.  Our rescue would crumble under the weight. 

I still have Christmas shopping to do and an important doctor's appointment that I can't miss tomorrow.  I've got a lot of juggling to do but would really like to put "rescue more" on my list.  Unfortunately, it can't be at the top of the list and I hate that.


Rivi said...

Did the white cat get rescued?

Dalilah is beautiful; what a wonderful Christmas she'll have!

Hopefully, more can be rescued soon. I wonder how many cats were depressed because they knew today was euthanasia day.

It's so true about matching the right cat to the right foster family. I am a diehard cat lover, and I have had to look after and care for two cats who were so unlikeable - they could have turned anyone off cats (even the vet!)

Your new foster child and Sherman's protege will come along soon!

Good luck with your doctor's appt and the rest of your shopping.

Let us know about the white cat!

If you need driver, anytime during the Christmas season, I'm available.


House of the Discarded said...

Rivi: The white cat still needs rescue!! He's a sweetheart.

(HUGS) Thank you for the well wishes.


Anonymous said...

Hope that doctor's appointment is a BP follow up. I have been watching the white cat on the shelter website too. When they are marked urgent does that mean they are marked to be put down? They don't seem to update their site as they still list cats you have rescued. You do a much better job and it shows! Have a good holiday Beth!

Harpurr's Mom

Anonymous said...

I don't see the white declawed cat listed any longer, hopefully he was rescued.

zoe said...

How painful, to pick one or two and have to leave the rest. The most loving cat I ever had I adopted from the Humane Society in Bellevue, Washington USA. I'm happy Chester was adopted, I can imagine him luxuriating in the attention and love of his new family. It's wonderful when cats and dogs can love their current family, no regrets, no guilty feelings. Hope you have a great Christmas and New Year.

Darlene said...

Do people really foster "for fun?" I started fostering in June and, although it is fun because cats and kittens are the most amazing creatures, I consider it to be a huge responsibility, one that I don't take lightly. Their lives are in my hands, and I never forget that. And it's definitely not fun when they leave--I cry my eyes out every time!! But I love every minute of it--even that first week or when you get ZERO sleep, with a new batch of kittens, all with diarrhea, or a terrified adult cat who won't come out of from under the couch.

So not to nitpick, because I immensely respect what you do and the sacrifices you make every day, but I think for most of us foster parents, it's much much more than just fun.

Caroline said...

Was the white cat not good with other cats? I hope he finds a home. it's extra sad when a declawed cat is at the shelter, first the owner chops off their toes (I support declawing only if there is no other option) and then a few years later discards them.

Delilah was a good choice.

I hope your Dr. appt goes well and you get your shopping done, if you don't like the crowds try to shop after 7pm.