Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Counting the Days Until October

The only phone calls I've received lately have been people wanting to surrender their cats or former adopters ready to get their kitten spayed or neutered.  Holy Moly, the adoptions are slooooow! 

I've tried to take the painfully slow days and turn them into opportunities to catch up and "pimp" some adoptions.  (Thanks Renee - love that word!!)  April, May and June the adoptions came in easily  - without much effort.   July and August?  I'm scrambling for adoptions.

I scrolled through the shelter's Petfinder Page (Click here to see it) and felt sick to my stomach.  Four pages of cats and kittens.  I know the shelter must've been full for the vet day today.

We lost an older kitten this morning to an unknown cause.  The poor foster parents were horrified to find the poor little guy passed away on their kitchen floor.  I've had a lot of awful things happen, but have been grateful to have been spared (so far) from finding something like that.  I know they're experiencing a lot of guilt over it..."What if's?", etc...but there's just SO MANY things that can go wrong with these guys that it's hard to know what it could've been.  Regardless, it still frickin' hurts.

There's a cat at the shelter that really has my heart.  Her name  is "Mittens":

I love her!  She's a big girl in a VERY VERY Tiny cage.  She can't turn around very well, and she's so sweet.  I want to save her so badly and am hopeful another rescue will see this post and fall in love with her too.  She doesn't look like this picture any more.  She looks very very sad.  When I come up to the cage, she has stopped lifting her head.  The staff love her and want to help her too.  I don't want her to give up hope.

After rereading this blog post, I must apologize for the "downer".  I feel like it's been a while since I've had an uplifting post, but that's the way it is in the Summer. 

October....where are you? 


Deb said...

I understand, Beth. Mittens looks like she may have some persian in her by the face. She's very cute. I am just back from our shelter and although they seem content compared to most shelter cats they still are reaching out for attention and love to be touched. They scramble for your affection when you sit in the cat rooms with them They have 140 right now and they are very stressed there. We stopped in to brush and pet up some cats today but they really need a lot of help. These are the hard months for sure. It's everywhere though. Stay strong and carry on. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4

Shannon said...

Aw, Mittens looks like a pumpkin. I would call her 'Pumpkin'. I'm looking forward to October too, because hopefully by then I'll have a kitten of my own in her forever home.

andrea_xtina said...

omg she's precious. If only I wasn't in Texas!

havetailwillwag said...

you're doing great work and i don't think mittens will give up as long as you don't either k? she's lovely! she looks like cuddles and warmth and hugs and loud purring in one fuzzy package.

House of Mystery said...

That picture is making me think "roadtrip". Such a cutie.

Random Felines said...

Summers are tough - people on vacation and everything else. Mittens is adorable and we hope someone steps up.

Please tell the foster family we are purrin' for them - mom has had that happen a couple of times and it SUCKS!!

Robyn said...

I fell in love with Mittens as well, I posted her link on my Facebook last week hoping someone would be interested. She reminds me so much of Eddison who we adopted in Novemeber. The buff version. We have five... do you think the boyfriend would notice a 6th?? :D