Friday, July 29, 2011

Good Intentions

It felt like a great idea when David said, "Let's get out of here and go over to this neat town I know near Lake Huron and stay in an awesome B&B...No kids. No cats. Just us." 

I threw some lipstick and underwear in a suitcase and bribed the 20 year old kid to take care of the cats.  We were off for an overnight stay of  antiquing, romance and probably waaaay too much food. 

We no sooner flopped on our 1000 thread count WHITE duvet at the B&B,  (Note:  White duvets are foreign to me.  Once you have pets...white is out.)   to have our phone ringing.  My heart sank.  It was my youngest son:

"Mom.  Phoebe is sick.  She's been vomiting all day, she won't eat - not even Temptation Treats.  She's hiding under your bed and growling."

Argh.  I told him that I was NOT driving 3 hours home, and to take her to the emergency clinic.  Fortunately, our own vet came in for an emergency visit.  X-rays were done, and all due care was taken.  Phoebe seemed fine.  But we needed to be on "high alert" just in case it was an obstruction.

Unless you're from a different world entirely, "high alert for a sick cat" and a romantic night at a B&B are hardly compatible.  We sat and fretted for a few hours about Phoebe.  Do we go home?  Phoebe is David's precious little dilute calico.  She loves him and the feeling is mutual.  Phoebe sleeps on David's hip, stomach or back depending on how David rolls over in the night. 

We came home.  Phoebe is fine.  She's eating.  She's happy.  I'm exhausted.

I've made the mistake to catch up on  Facebook and read about the latest protester's shenanigans on behalf of the shelter where I rescue.  Sadly, they continue to believe that the cats at the shelter are not cared for and not given proper medical care.  What's even sadder is that they're taking credit for the improvements that have been made at the shelter.  Adoptions are going to happen at this shelter.  Maybe not today or tomorrow - but they're being set up.  I hope the protesters are better behaved this time.  They truly made themselves out to be over-the-top jackasses instead of the caring people that I'm sure they are. 

It seems like I'm not the only one with good intentions that are turning out to be a waste of time. :)

Looking forward to some adoptions this weekend!  Lots of things pending....

*Fingers are crossed*


hmacross said...

Sorry about your weekend :(

I've been following the protesters too, and noticed the same things you have. I also noticed that they don't mention the cancelling of vet days.

Have a nice long weekend.

House of Mystery said...

Maybe instead of protesting.. They should volunteer to help out or if thats not possible, they could donate supplies to help out the animals and the people helping them.

Anonymous said...

When is the 'Adoption Madness' starting?

Lory and Co. said...

Well little Ralphie with the HUGE tile is happy in his new forever home! Count that as one successful adoption this weekend!