Monday, July 11, 2011

Another Monday in July

I procrastinated going to the shelter this morning.  I just had one little soul to rescue and that makes it very difficult for me when I can only take one.  Since the rescue was a "requested cat", I had hoped it would be easier.  Surprisingly, the "vet day" was cancelled on both Friday AND today so the shelter was quite full.  Not "bursting at the seams", but definitely getting full.

I almost had to look at the calendar....July 11th....cancelling euthanasia days??  Wow!!!

The lucky little girl was "Hannah".  So before anybody screams, "Tabby favouritism!" her foster-Mom-to-be requested her:
 I've never seen so many tabbies at the shelter.  As Kim said, "They're all waiting for you to rescue them, Beth".  Ugh!  :)

There was one little soul in particular that caught my eye as I walked through the aisles of "lost souls".  She's 4 weeks old and obviously doesn't understand why on earth she's not with her Mommy:

The staff told me that when the guy dropped her off, he said he had considered "just putting her under the exhaust pipe" rather than bringing her to the shelter. WTF?

Because "misery loves company", I thought I'd video tape a few sweet faces from one of the cat rooms:

The loud mewing that you hear in the background of that video is that 4 week old kitten. :(  

While I was there, somebody came in to claim their cat.  The cat had been at the shelter for FIVE days and posted on a popular lost pet site.  I can't imagine waiting 5 days to pick up my cat, but maybe they were on holidays, right? 

The good news is, rescues are still coming in to take cats, but the shelter is now full.  In fact, in the short time I was at the shelter today, 3 stray cats were brought in at separate times.  Nobody seems to care that the cats could be euthanized after 3 days.  "Not my cat.  Not my problem." 

Just another Monday at the shelter....


achivers said...

Hi Beth,
I subscribe to your blog and read every post. However, I'm sadly missing my cat and have been checking petharbor every day (well, many times a day) to see if she shows up there, among other websites (craigslist, tabby tracker). I'm wondering what the popular lost pet site you mentioned is. I'm hoping I'm not missing that one!

House of the Discarded said...

Hi Achievers: I'm so sorry to hear about your cat! The site I was referring to is Pet Lynx...

All the best for you and your kitty.


Diana Lee said...

Oooohhh, the 4 week old kitten reminds me of our former foster Icy. She mewed constantly just in case we hadn't gotten the message that she didn't want to be in her quarrantine room and was determined to get out of there. I often left after playing with her only to see a tiny black-and-white streak whiz by me and make a break for freedom.

tally oh said...

Oh man, the little 4 week old kitten breaks my heart!

Lory & Co. said...

You know, it's weird : I played your two videos
Cozette came flying into the room by my side
trying to find the source of sounds that were
obviously familiar to her. I guess the shelter haunts
them long after they've been saved and adopted
into their forever homes.

Yidchick said...

both videos broke my heart.. I keep trying to talk hubby into fostering, but we have 5 kids and two cats, and we don't have a separate place for any foster cats to go.. I really wish we could foster.. My heart goes out to those poor kitties in the videos..

Melissa W said...

If needed, Canberra would be a good mommy to four week old kitten as long as he/she is eating on her own.
Let me know if needed.

Deb said...

Was that 4 week old kitten alone in a cage? I can't imagine that. They need food every few hours and comfort from another body. Oh my goodness, this is just so sad. I hope someone takes it out of there really soon.

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

You know, some people don't know there are even listings online when they lose a pet. I had to tell the neighbor about the local AC website so she could find and retrieve her dog! That kitten just breaks my heart, poor little thing. My Speedy was trying to find her and kept making his "where's the kitty" chirps. He's such a good mommy, er, manny cat.~Donna

Anya said...

I have rescued (as they strayed into my life) over 20 cats in my adult life. Bless you for the work you do - but that kitten will haunt me - poor little thing - so sad.

Anonymous said...

So heartbreaking to see all the discarded cats. I don't know how you do it - you must have a lot of inner strength.

Anonymous said...

tears from that video, all I can say