Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Few Updates

Operation:  "Rescue World's Cutest 4 Week Old Kitten" Complete!

Yes, the little angel from yesterday's post is happy with SEVEN other kittens her own age and a nursing Mom.  Mom acted like the new arrival was one of the gang and all is happy and well.  I looked at that little face this morning and realized that only a face that cute would get me out of bed that early, drive to the shelter, and meet a foster Mom more than 45 minutes away.  :)

I received an adorable rescue picture on Mittens yesterday:
How incredibly sweet is this picture?  She's holding on for dear life and has NO idea what a wonderful future awaits her! 

I don't usually rally a rescue for the purebreds at the shelter.  Generally, they don't have a hard time getting out, but there's a VERY VERY sweet Himalayan at the shelter that has caught my eye and she's BEYOND adorable and nobody has come forward for her:

I love love love her!!!  Check out her colouring!  Strange, eh?  PLUS....if you look closely at her mouth, you'll see she has a bottom tooth that sticks straight out!  She snuggles too!  (I guess that's enough exclamation points....you get the point)  

The phones remain quiet and I'm hesitant to rescue too many until things pick up.  We've got quite a few kittens that are getting bigger and bigger and without regular adoptions, things get a little tight.  I really need another venue to feature our cats. 

Maybe it's time to knock on a few doors again.



Fuzzy Tales said...

I wish you were in Kingston, Beth, or at least in this area--I happily would volunteer to foster for you, at least kitties that could be on their own during the day, since I can't give up my job! (Probably I'd be a FAIL at fostering, though. LOL.)

Good luck re: that darling Himalayan and concats to the sweet kitten (and Mittens too)!

hmacross said...

Thank you for rescuing the 4 week old kitten. Couldn't stop thinking about her last night.

Mittens doesn't even look like the same cat!

Caroline said...

Yay for the 4 wk old and can you name the Himi Tina Turner?? Reminds me of her hairdo!

Devon said...

Hurray! From such a scary place to a home with SEVEN friends and a Mommy, that kitten hit the rescue jackpot!

Robyn said...

Yay Mittens! What a cutie. I know the vet's office where I take my cats has a cage setup with a few rescue's in there at any given time. Maybe you could try that?

Shannon said...

That Himalayan looks adorable. I didn't even notice she had a snaggle tooth until you pointed it out in the pic. I wonder if it bothers her or affects eating? And if it can be fixed?

Also, the 4 week old kitten is a true rescue success story, and I'm glad Mittens is safe and sound.

Happiness x3!