Friday, July 08, 2011

Searching Out the Positive!

What a good Friday it is! Forgotten Ones Cat Rescue saw my post about adorable plump Mittens and contacted me last night about rescuing her. I'm over the moon! She's safe and out of the shelter as I type this.  Many thank you's to Kim, Dean, and Debbie who made it possible for her to get out of the shelter today!! 

One of my own foster homes came forward for Mittens too.  Sooooo...that means I have an open foster spot and can go back to the shelter! 

The shelter euthanasia rate is WAY down for this time of year.  I've never heard of the numbers being so low for early July!  Kim has her "rescue room" back and I can tell that the employees seem more unbeat.  I won't say that things are perfect, but they're certainly on the right track.  I heard that one rescue took 18 cats this week!!  Wahooo!

Sooooo...for 16 seconds of Friday cuteness, I present my own foster kitten "Sherman":

Lordie, I hope he's adopted soon. We're all getting WAY too attached!

Happy Friday!!


Faith J. said...

Another prayer answered! I have been thinking of Mittens ever since I saw her photo. So glad she is being loved, as she should be, and no longer depressed!

My, Sherman is a BIG kitten! Great video. :)

JLi said...

I'm so happy for that news today!!

And I want to adopt Sherman sooooo badly but that would make 5 tabbies in my house and I just got an adamant "no"! LOL!! I just LOVE those tabbies!!!

Fisher and Staff said...

Thanks for the wonderful video of Sherman - so gorgeous. I think it must be impossible not to get attached!

Robyn said...

Great news!! So happy to hear of all the rescues at the shelter!

Chrissykat said...

Best news I've read all day!

Caroline said...

Yay for Mittens! Yes Sherman looks like he fits right in!