Thursday, July 14, 2011

Birthin' Babies

What happens when a 16 year old girl has a baby and THAT baby (who is now 15 years old) has a baby?

You end up as a 49 year old Great Grandma! 

I'm pleased to say I spent the day yesterday helping to coach and deliver a gorgeous 7.1 pound baby boy named "Jesiah".  I've only been part of this family for 8 years.  It was such a privilege to be present and part of such a beautiful experience.  It was easy to forget that Jesiah's Mom is only 15 years old - she was so brave.  Fortunately, this little man was born into a loving, caring, supportive family. 

I was coo'ing over the baby in ridiculous baby-speak saying, "I love you already, you are absolutely the cutest baby in the world!", when David casually looks over at us and says, "Don't listen to her Jesiah, she says that to every new foster cat that comes in too!"  (He's so bad.)

After being gone for 12 hours yesterday, I came home to 85 emails, and (of course) the adoption calls started (finally) coming back in!  I didn't realize that I hadn't communicated with anyone or anything until about 2 hours after the baby was born!  Thank heaven there were no major emergencies. 

Found this cute before and after picture:
I'm still on a baby-birthin' high.  Between that and adoption calls coming in, I'm feeling invincible.  Might as well enjoy it while it lasts, eh?


Random Felines said...

Rocking the "great grandma" title?? Or will you be seeking a slightly different title? MOL

Love the before and after pics - from freaked out to comfy!!

Anonymous said...

Are you the 49 year old great grandma? Oh my!

Erika and Blair,xoxo said...

Congrats on being a Grandma. Its nice to hear of families being supportive. One of my own friends delivered her sweet little girl at 16 and she also had a very supportive family that made keeping her baby and keeping up in school possible. It is so hard for girls at that young age to continue schooling, realize they are now responsible for another person, and maintain their own lives. I hope that your Grandaughter is able to do it all too! I can't wait to see baby pictures!

Chrissykat said...

Congrats to you on the new addition to your family. Hafta say...that before and after is just wonderful to see.