Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Scheduling...Rescues....and Happier Days

Happier days are here as our adoption line is starting to ring again and we're at the end of a very very horrific heat wave.  It's hard to believe I lived in Southern California all of my adult life because I really hate the intense heat of summer.  For the first time in my life, I actually had HIVES from the heat! 

We rescued the the littermates of the little "maggot kitten" yesterday!  Unfortunately, those guys also had  But they're now healthy, happy and with a new foster Mom with our rescue who is a veteran with these sort of little guys. 

With this horrible heat, some coward left a Mom and 5 kittens in a box at the front door of the local SPCA.  The Mom and babies were horribly distressed, dehydrated and malnourished.  Nobody was sure how long they had been in a box like that.  Fortunately, a few calls were made and our rescue has this little family too!  Mom is rail thin, but purr's like a motorboat.  Of course, Mom is black and all of her kittens are black too - LOL  Bless their little hearts.  :)

David was supposed to be at a North American Bridge Championship (aka:  "Geek Fest 2011) all week.  Turns out his team didn't do well on the first day and now he's home all week!  Usually, I love it when he's home, but I'm SO busy and am finding that he's really cramping my style with rescue, etc.  My schedule is all goofed up - in fact, I slept until 9:30 this morning!!!!  That's ridiculous!  I guess I'm used to waking up with him while he's getting ready for work. 

I need to get to the shelter today, but am having trouble coordinating between time with "vacation husband".  Heck....I was supposed to kick some a$$ this week while he was away!  I have some cats to rescue and it's driving me crazy to think I can't get to them as quickly as I would like.

We're getting ready to start an "Adoption Madness" month in August.  This will be news to our foster homes, because I haven't sent out the notice yet.  But I'm hoping it'll get some of our little sweeties adopted that have been lingering in the program for a while. 

Lots of good stuff on the horizon.  Just need to get my man back to work to keep me from going insane.  (Love you, sweetie)


Random Felines said...

darn those geeks. MOL!!!

Purrs to the "ummm" kittens and the new family you took. We know they are in good hands.

Random Felines said...

darn those geeks. MOL!!!

Purrs to the "ummm" kittens and the new family you took. We know they are in good hands.

Shannon said...

I have a heatrash of hives from the heat too. It's incredibly itchy! :(

I'm interested in learning more about "Adoption Madness" in August.

Anonymous said...

The black mum and babies sounds like my foster gal...babies all got adopted but mum's been waiting almost 2 years...:( Black cats Rock!

And I still get the heebie jeebies when I read the maggot post!

Wishing you bestest success with "Adoption Madness"!

Tina Keating said...

Details on Adoption Madness Beth...what can we do to help?