Sunday, July 10, 2011

What is A "Normal" Morning?

I rarely post anything on Sundays, but received the following mail from a foster Mom this morning that pretty much summed up my life with my cats.   Thank goodness it's not just me!!   I thought you'd be able to relate to it too: 

Only people with cats can truly appreciate how waking up to ‘issues’ just seems normal.

3:30am wake up to kittens wrestling (screaming) – get up put outside bedroom and close door

5:00am wake up to birds chirping – get up close window and blind

7:45am wake up walk into hallway – see what looks like cat puke in hallway and kitty tunnel – ugh.

7:50 – fed 9 frenzy cats – 3 on Chef’s dinner (Timbit eats a whole can himself), 1 on high fibre, who wants everything but, 5 on shredded salmon (nope Bear won’t eat this AM) *Amazingly both Crash and Grease Monkey have come downstairs to join everyone else – good sign??

8:10 – Lanee pukes big time on my new sleeper sofa – run to remove covering and put in laundry.

8:20 - clean up all dishes and wash and sweep floor.

8:30 – clean all litter boxes – yep someone has diarrhea

8:40 – go clean up tunnel and hallway puke – NOOOO it is diarrhea not puke – gag!!! Now whooooo is it – Crash? BoPeep?

8:45 – put tunnel outside to scrub – grab a cup of coffee

8:50 – Sit down think about my life and bawl….

9:00 – look behind me to a noise – there is Grease Monkey cocking his head at me blinking and putting his paw on glass,

9:01 – I laugh!

(Reposted with permission....thank you so much!)


Anonymous said...

OK..NOW I have o make a comment. With a 26 year record on living with a houseful of cats..( which I adore by the way) I can todally relate. Fur instance ...feeling really yucky this week with some damned virus which is literally giving me a pain in the neck ( and ear )...and 2 mornings in a row I wake to someone when daylight arrives..( normally I would turn the light on in the darkness and check..just so's hubby doesn't step in something icky...but figger aw to hang with it, it's still going to be there waiting for me when it turns daylight in any case ). SO what do I find awaiting me...but a window casing ..filled with last night's dinner which someone has politely upchucked for me to clean up. Now the trick is to do the detective work and figure out which of the five sweeties sleeping in our bedroom..has a hairball problem ????? or something else ???? and how does one clean upchuck out of all the ridges of a casing...with about 100 ridges I might ask...verrry carefully I reply ! It must be true love because I still love them..all 10 of them. Am I NUTS or what ? LOL. First time replier..the devil made me do it ! Gail

Devon said...

Oh goodness...I relate and I only have two fosters! Last week we had one throw up on me/couch, followed only hours later by the other throwing up between our pillows in the middle of the was nicely covered with a blanket to be dealt with in the morning!

Steve Bartlett said...

Sounds like a pretty normal day at my house -- except mine also has dog puke for added variety.

Random Felines said...

Yep - story of my life. :) Nothing new here either......

Princess Jasmine said...

I see my mummy nodding away as she reads this over my shoulder. What do you mean poopy do's under the table!?!?!? Moi? I'm a big girl now, that is all behind me :)xx

Josie said...

This was my life with Bella Mae....litter box issues, vomit, crying over my life, food issues (eat, won't eat, make Cordie not eat food for Bella) much fun! It was all worth it tho...the sweat, tears, etc.

Caroline said...

Join the club, FIV foster cat with sensitive bowels has decided to use the corner of my living room as his litter box.