Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sweltering Rescue Day - Part Deux

The heat at the shelter was like nothing I had ever felt before in the 8 years I've lived in the Toronto area.  The temp gauge on my car said 45 degrees celcius (113 degrees farenheit) and it had to be hotter in the shelter.  The fans were blowing and the water dishes to the animals were all full.  There really wasn't much else that could be done. 

I hate going to the shelter when the cages have been marked for euthanasia for the next day.  I was surprised to find that very few cats had been "marked" - most who were older, feral or sick.  Until I walked up to a cage with a 4-5 month old brown tabby girl in it.  She was stretching towards the fan and I sadly opened the cage to hold her for a little while.  The least I could do is give her some love before she dies tomorrow.  I held her up to the fan as her fur flew into my face and stuck to my lip gloss.  She started to lick the sweat from my  face, then lick my shoulders. She seemed frantic for love and starved for affection.   She wrapped her paws around my neck and I was *done*.  She was coming home with me. 

My actual purpose for going to the shelter was to rescue "Ella", the "toe sucking cat":  (Many thank you's and hugs to Jennifer and Alison who came forward for this sweet cat!)

She was SOOOOO happy to be out of the shelter!!!  She's currently upstairs in my washroom and grooming up a storm!  Actually, I have 3 cats in that bathroom right now and they're ALL getting along:  Ralphie,  Ella and Tabby Girl!  It's such a bonus to only put out one litterbox instead of farming cats out in every washroom.

I felt really angry today.  I'm sure it was the heat.  It didn't seem right that the animals OR employees who had to work in those conditions, but who am I to bitch on behalf of the employees - they're union. 

I could hear the dogs howling in the back and the cats were unusually quiet.  I left the shelter in tears and that hasn't happened in a long time. 


Sparkle said...

I am so glad you saved that little tabby! My human's birthday is today and she says that between hearing that you saved that kitty from being euthanized, and that another kitty that she knows about getting adopted, she has had a great day!

Anonymous said...

Bless you for saving the tabby girl Beth! As I was reading it, I was starting to well up because I know you can't save them all and I certainly wasn't expecting a happy end! Joy, joy, joy!

And also, hurrah for Ella! Sooo happy for her!

The heat in the shelter is an awful thing (may it soon pass!) but like you said, there's not much they can do about these outrageous temperatures (well, they could install a/c possibly but I suppose they'll say it's a money issue...)

Are Garth (grey tabby) and Chester (maine coone) still at the shelter?

Cindy, Bertie, Sammy etc etc

House of the Discarded said...

Cindy: Yes! Garth and Chester are still there :)


Anonymous said...

Amazing, beth! Donation headed your way!!

Lory & Co. said...

Ralphie is beyond adorable! What a sweetheart!

Spool happy to hear about Ella and the little Tabby Girl !

~*Connie*~ said...

You have my deepest respect for being able to go in there knowing these kitties will be put down.. I'm so glad and happy you are able to save those you can.

The shelter I work with is air connditioned, but I still bring them ice cream bars and pops when the weather gets really warm.

mawiesner said...

My donation for Ella was sent last night. I hope it helps! Thanks so much for rescuing her and all the other kitties! :)

House of the Discarded said...

mawiesner: I got it and it's going directly to Ella's care! Thank you so much for your generosity. She's doing great in her foster home!


mawiesner said...

That's wonderful to hear!! You made my day! :D

Anonymous said...

Next up for saving (I hope) - Kyra! :) I am hoping so hard for her.

Tina K. said...

Oh Beth! I wish there was a way for us to support you a little more. Going into the shelter like you do is the most difficult thing anyone could do...and you do it so often! Wish we could take some of the load from your shoulders!