Monday, August 01, 2011

Luxury of Time

I'm enjoying the luxury of going through my foster list and seeing BLANK spaces where cats have been adopted!  So far, I think we've had almost 10 adoptions this weekend and the phone keeps ringing!! 

It feels good to have a moment of success, doesn't it?

Three of our foster parents went to the shelter yesterday.  I had to laugh when I heard they were going together.  Three foster parents + shelter cats = Rescue insanity! But they did a great job and rescued 4 adorable cats that desperately needed out:

I'm pretty sure I'm going back to the shelter tomorrow.  Today is a Civic holiday in Ontario, so everything is closed.  Usually, there's no problem going to the shelter on a holiday, but David is home today so am still trying  being a good wife and hang out with him.

I've had a volunteer manning the phone lines this weekend for me (Thank you, Connie!) and I've spent a lot of time going through the minutiae of our foster list.  For every cat there is a statistic and I have to insure they are vaccinated, and older kittens are spayed/neutered at an appropriate time.  Making sure nobody falls through the cracks is paramount.  I wanted to touch base with some of the foster parents that have been quiet and let them know we appreciate them too.  It was nice to have some extra time to do so.

Some of the cats needed new pictures and I was suddenly aware that one of my own foster cats "Max" didn't have a decent picture on the site.  "No wonder nobody has called about him!"  So I got busy and started taking pictures. 

I wasn't happy with the first picture:

So I took another picture:
Hm....and I took ANOTHER picture:

Yes.  Max is one goofy lookin' guy.  I must've taken 50 pictures of him, and they ALL come out with this bug-eyed expression.  I'm thinking about changing his name on our website to "One Goofy Lookin' Guy".  Before anybody says "that's mean, Beth"!, let it be known  I was going to name my first born son that too...but his father refused.

I had some luxury of extra time this weekend, but unfortunately the cats at the shelter do not.   The protesters did their thing on Saturday.  Why on earth would they protest at a city building when it's closed?  Last time they did their protest at the shelter when it's closed.   I hope they felt like they did something worthwhile.  I'm sure it takes a lot of effort to do these rallies.  I just wish they'd go to the shelter, take a tour and rescue some damn cats. 

Tomorrow, it's back to life as I know it and I couldn't be happier.   


Josie said...

Maybe his name could be 'Oogie'...since he looks Oogly. ^_^;

Random Felines said...

Love those pictures - and for as "goofy" as he looks, it is attention getting. :)

As to the protestors, I think they could do a lot better to all go inside and adopt 1 cat each.

Anonymous said...

LOL Max is a gorgeous guy Beth ,,,look at those beautiful tabby stripes ! I often get pictures of my gang that resemble that if the lighting isn't great and the flash goes off. It always startles them and they do the bug eye thingy . If that's what happened..try taking his photo when the daylight is best...then the flash won't go off...and I also found it is best to get them preoccupied with a "twizzler" or a feather wand ..they're concentrating on the "thing" and forget to concentrate on the camera happy to hear about all the adoptions...Hurray ! Just gave a lady your website..hoping she'll contact you...she wants an adult kitty..isn't that great ? Gail

Chrissykat said...

Aw, yay...someone wants an adult kitty? I loved reading that on the post above. An adult adoption is always something to cheer over! I think Max is adorable. His stripes are fantastic!

Sparkle said...

Maybe a video of Max would capture his spirit better... although I think the photos of him are cute!

Meaghan Edwards said...

Sigh from the FB comments they're still going on about how they don't get vet treatment and they heart stick.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I think he's slightly walleyed and that's why he looks that way.