Friday, August 05, 2011

A Friday Hodge Podge of Stuff

Yesterday was an AWESOME day.  In fact, I was too busy to write in this blog with more than 10+ adoption calls on the line and email.  That's a huge number for a small rescue like ours.  It was so exciting for me to listen to the voicemail update..."You have 8 new messages..."  REALLY???  I was sure half would be hang ups or surrender calls, but they weren't - all adoption calls!

I'm pretty desperate to help a little pair that came into the shelter yesterday:
They aren't littermates.  They "found" each other in the shelter.  Bless their little hearts - they're only 4 weeks old.  I thought I had a foster home for them, but the foster home has 2 sick kittens and couldn't mix them. heart continues to hurt until they're safe.

I've had so many things I've wanted to say, but have been hesitant because the over-the-top protesters read my blog.  They seem to have mellowed with more reasonable demands.  They're still full of  propaganda about the shelter, so until they meet with management and take a tour, their credibility will be in the toilet as far as I'm concerned. 

A cat I had hoped to rescue was euthanized this morning.  I didn't speak up fast enough.  She had been at the shelter for quite some time - long past the 3 days.  I hate when that happens.  I was "the governor" and I didn't speak up.  Shit.  This happens when people don't spay and neuter their pets. 

From the "Glorifying Rescue" files, I spent the morning yesterday delivering diarrhea medicine for a newly rescued cat with tummy problems.  I came home and found diarrhea all over the basement from our 14 year old dog Maggie.  C'mon!!!!!

I took my foster kitten Sherman to the vets yesterday for his neuter.  They called me shortly after and said,  "Ummmm....Beth....Sherman has THE WORST case of earmites we've EVER seen!"   One of *MY* foster cats has earmites?  I was appalled, embarrassed and horrified.  To think he could've been adopted out like that!!  He never showed any signs of earmites.  So now I'm digging, looking and treating all my other cats for earmites.  What a mess.  I felt like such a crappy foster Mom!

The phones are quiet today except for some post-adoption spay/neuter appointments.  I suppose I got my fill yesterday afternoon.  I think I'm catching a cold - sore throat and a little rundown.

If anybody can help those little ones....please let me know...


Anonymous said...

10+ adoption calls! Whooo! That's excellent! Let's hope all these people fall madly in love with the cats they go to see!

Thanks to your dash with the diarrhea medicine, Garth is now happily producing perfect tootsie rolls. We're delighted and so is he, I think.

Ohhhh, those poor babies...I'm hoping *so* much that someone will come forward...they're so tiny...

Hey, maybe those protesters might step up and take them and do something productive, instead of being unhelpful! It's s shame that - after so many years of writing it - you now feel you have to play censor to your own blog. I wish people would think before they act.

Cindy, Bertie, Sammy, Malley, Batman and Garth

Debbie said...

Don't worry Beth, shit happens and life is busy.Sherman will be fine.
I am home on Monday, what are the chances of getting a foster cat???

Josie said...

I'm glad you had so many adoption calls! I'm also sad that you might be catching a cold. I'm in Iowa and I got a doozy of a summer cold...gave it to the husband too. Oops!

Cassy said...

Well, I hope those little kittens will find their forever home.

Cassy from Beginner Guitar Chords