Monday, August 08, 2011

Rescue Monday

Going to the shelter the day before the cats are euthanized (for lack of a better word) sucks.  The shelter didn't seem too crowded, but there were a bunch of tiny, tiny kittens - most of them 4 weeks old and should still be with their Mommy.  They look so pathetic covered in cat food as they probably dove into the bowl this morning.  Otherwise, they're all healthy - just pitiful looking.

One little Mom cat really tugged at my heart today:
She was SOOOOO sweet.  You can see her paw in the picture recoiled and kneading.  When I peeked into her cage, she was loving up one of the kittens.  Not licking him, but rubbing her head against him sooo lovingly.  It hurt me terribly to watch them and I had to keep moving. 

Because we're going into an adoption centre Petsmart for the month of September, many of the foster homes have loaded themselves with a few "extras" to put there.  We couldn't resist taking this handsome devil:
Many hugs and thank you's to Susan who went "one up" from her comfort level to save this little guy.  Holy crap, is he CUTE.

These little guys have been at the shelter for 3 weeks.  I rescued them today!  (The crazy protesters swear that every cat is dead at the shelter after 3's proof that your propaganda isn't always truthful.)    That little silver tabby has "attitude" written all over her!! LOL 
We also rescued "Chrissy" and placed her in a lovely foster home today:
She's REALLY sweet and had been at the shelter for SIX weeks!!!  She was so happy to be out and rubbed all over our legs in gratitude. 
Several rescues came in over the weekend and took cats.  I'm hoping that between them and me maybe the shelter can cancel the "vet day" tomorrow.  One can only hope. 

While I was at the shelter on Saturday, somebody dumped off an 8 year old and 12 year old cat - no reason given - just old.  The lady had her tween daughter with her.  I hope that girl dumps her mother when she's "just old".  Not a very kind thing to say, but it sure feels great to type it here.

Not sure why this post sounds so negative.  We rescued 6 little lives today.  That's something to rejoice about, right? 


Allison at Novice Life said...

That is also a great example that mother is setting for her daughter by just dumping the cats. Grrrrrrrr

Deb said...

Yes, you have lots to rejoice about. I agree with the above comment. If there is one thing I have taught my kids it is to be responsible with their animals and treat them like family and they do. I am so proud of them for that. What you 'hope' for the mom just may have some weight to it. She is really showing her daughter that everything is disposable. Sad.

Renee said...

That little silver tabby fluff has an expression JUST like Adelaide, and oh yes, "attitude" is definitely the right word.

Good work on the six rescues!


Random Felines said...

Any life saved is to be rejoiced. But, we have to agree...what kind of example is she setting for that kid?? We hear about people being mean or whatever - and this is how it happens. sigh....

Caroline said...

I hope the Mama cat and her babies find a temporary home in time, the mommas take such good care of their babies!

~*Connie*~ said...

it has often been asked of me why I don't work at my local shelter - and politics and personalities aside, I don't think I could ever get over seeing a healthy kitty and knowing it is going to be put down. I'm grateful that my local shelter has wonderful adoption rates and euthanasia for space is very rare, but it happens, and it would kill me. I am in awe that you are able to go in there and know what you know and do what you do.

Your right to rejoice in the six lives were you able to save. *fingers crossed that vet day is canceled*

Anonymous said...

What happened to the little kittens in your Friday post?

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the three little ones you saved on Saturday.
Maybe the four week olds can join them :)

Caroline said...

Poor Chrissy was just about to use her litter when you snapped her pic, really Beth have some consideration for their privacy, it's not their fault their cage is open concept! lol!

Anonymous said...

Hey Beth Dont worry, I rescued that sweet grey mom and her three newborns. They are all safe and doing well