Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Feeling The Pinch

Did you ever spend so much time in the car that you finally turned off the radio because you're sick of hearing the noise...NOISE...NOISE!?  I rescued 7 cats from the shelter this morning and spent the remaining part of the day delivering them to new foster Moms, "old" foster Dads, and veterinary appointments.  It was quite a busy day and I'm looking forward to being a little less busy tomorrow.

We're having a good sized adoption event at a local Pet Valu in Oakville on Saturday.  Hard to believe, but the local newspaper JUST put a front page article about the local Humane Society reducing their adoption prices this weekend to $50.00.  CRAP.  I just spent $60.00 for an ad in their newspaper announcing our event!  Crap..Crap..double crap.  I feel like banging my head on the wall - Charlie Brown-style. 

We have three new foster parents, which brings our foster home number to FIFTY!  Who would've ever thought that I'd have FIFTY foster homes in 8 months?!  I'm definitely feeling the pinch of being a little busier than I'd like to be, so am going to start asking for some more help.  I don't want to fall into the trap of saying stupid things like, "It's faster and easier to just do it myself."  BIG mistake that I don't want to repeat.

It's strange how some things can hurt me more than others when I'm at the shelter.  I was coo'ing over 3 kittens that I was rescuing....pulling them out of the cage and kissing each one as I placed them in the carrier.  I glanced over my shoulder  (not sure why I looked, but was compelled to) and saw this big orange Tom cat staring at me.  He looked very thoughtful, gentle and sweet.  But he stared at me and my heart broke again into a million pieces.  I could feel what he was feeling.  Silly as it sounds, but I swear I did.  Anyway - I made promises to him that I wasn't sure I could keep and although I left with 7 cats today, my shoulders were slumped as I left. 

It's never quite enough, is it? 


Faith J. said...

oh no, my heart is breaking over the Orangie. Orange tomcats are the best. I'll pray he finds a home.

Night Day Productions said...

Can you post your ad for your adoption event so that we can share it on Facebook, Twitter etc.? Would love to help you spread the word.

House of the Discarded said...

Night Day Productions: Thank you! Thank you! I posted an "Event" for Forever Home Cat Rescue on Facebook, so take a look and you should be able to easily share it.

Let me know if you can't!


Lorelei said...

Hi Beth! I have space for an orange tom. Is he okay with dogs? Thx.

Caroline said...

Hi Beth,

I have 2 radio stations, 98.1 for when I'm feeling good & Classical 96.3 for when I'm feeling bad, sad, intellectual, or have a headache! This morning I didn't listen to either! Could you maybe post a pic of the orange Tom cat maybe someone would foster him. It sounds like he knew you were the answer to his freedom.



Anonymous said...

Don't forget to invite all of the group members to the event so that it comes up in their FB event menu!