Saturday, August 27, 2011

Happy To Be Home

Gosh, am I happy to be back home!  Our rescue was in excellent hands in my absence and things moved along smoothly.  There were SEVEN adoptions during the week I was away and the volunteers managed to rescue 17 more.  Thank goodness for technology and volunteers willing to keep me apprised of everything going on.  I tried really hard to not tweak and worry about the rescue. 

Turns out worrying about the rescue was probably a good thing:  David and I put 6 adults (me, David, son #1, Son#2, and my daughter and her boyfriend) in a vacation condo in Orlando.  I guess being a sappy Mom I had silly expectations of us playing Twister in the evening, taking turns cooking breakfast, and reminiscing.  As it turned out, the best way to describe it is; "Where families are concerned there's always a bit of drama."  Believe me, I was glad to have the rescue to think about.  "I'll be in the bedroom checking my email...." 

Needless to say, I'm very happy to be back and so grateful to everybody who helped while I was away.  It's not easy to walk into a rescue and take over!

I made the mistake of watching 2 hours of "Animal Cops" on the flight home. By the time we landed I was in an urgent need for a "kitty fix" and couldn't wait to get home and kiss my own cats.  I really hate Animal Cops.  Normally, I can't watch that show because I end up hating the human race by the end of the 30 minutes. 

I'm faced with lots of updating and catching up.  I received an email about a cat from a foster Mom and had to respond with..."Um...who's so-and-so?"  Hahhaa...Oh well.  I hope everybody is patient with me.  There seems like there's LOTS to do.  I'll be glad when David goes back to work on Monday so I can get something done. 

My pets were in terrific care while I was gone. I came home to a very spoiled 14 year old dog and my cats seemed to be nonplussed about us being home.  There was a note from our petsitter who said, "I had to unplug your appliances on the kitchen counter.  I found Sherman with his paw stuck in the toaster!"  Good Gravy Moses!!! 

At the risk of losing our wonderful petsitter forever, we had sent our only problem child "Wilbur" to a fancy pet hotel Cat's Castle.  What a great spot that was!  Wilbur looked happy and relaxed when we picked him up.  For a big ol' grump like Wilbur, that's saying something!

Did I mention that I'm happy to be home?  :)


Anonymous said...

Happy to hear you're home safe and ( refreshed ? LOL ) I understand the "family togetherness" many personalities in the mix...gets a little testy after a few days, lol.... sounds as though you all survived anyhoo !
They say a change is as good as a rest...right? Nice to hear that all went well on the home front and at the rescue central too. Your "sitter" sounds wonderful..does she come as far as north Pickering ? Can't wait to hear who has been adopted and who has been rescued, Beth.
WELCOME HOME>>>we missed Gail

Helen said...

That Cat Castle is a FAB place...will keep it in mind. See if they will list you under their Feline Links page on their website....

Debbie said...

Welcome back!
Hope you enjoyed your time away and with the family, even though there where some bumps in the road I am sure it was wonderful to be with the whole family in HOT Florida
Back to your regular insane life !!!

JLi said...

Sherman...LOL!!! hehe!! Tabbies...;)
Cat's Castle looks awsome! Congrats on the adoptions and wonderful volunteers while you're gone-yippee!

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it, but I also sometimes feel as though I hate the human race. It makes you appreciate how your pets practically love you unconditionally.
They are always there for you when people suck!