Thursday, June 24, 2010

An Update On "Andi"

I thought I'd post a follow up on a really special rescue that took place last week. If you didn't read about "Andi", you can read about it HERE.

The emails that came through after Andi's adoption have been thoughtful and inspiring. If anybody ever thought about passing up a cat because he or she is black, they should think again.

Andi was immediately at ease with her new Mommy and laid back quietly in her arms moments after her arrival. In fact, I was told Andi RAN to her at the front door! I swear, I think cats know when they're safe and in the arms of someone who loves and appreciates them.

From Andi's Mom:

"This is Andi's new Mom! I want to say Andi is the best kitty ever! First of I am pretty sure it was not Andi that was going to bother a baby, she spends most the day sleeping in one of my kitchen chairs enjoying the ceiling fan and breeze off the lake coming in the window. She comes in bed with me but at night and has yet to smother me, I am fine! I think it was the masses of fleas Andi had that were problematic for the baby...Andi sends her apologies for having fleas to her old family. but let me assure you now she has no fleas and is wonderful...for ME! She feels much better now and says thanks to Beth for making sure she got out and to lisa for allowing her to hitch a ride!! Thanks from me!! If you have another like her I'd give them a home as well...she is amazing! A BEAUTIFUL cat, great companion to me and very well behaved and sweet as the day is long!!"

All rescues are special, but this one was extra special to me because this little black cat had NO chance at all until a lady from New York came forward and offered her a home sight unseen.

Three women came together for this one little cat and made it happen.

It was (and is) a beautiful thing.


Allison at Novice Life said...

That is WONDERFUL! Thank you for posting this!! So....when is another like Andi gonna come along and join her over there in NY!?

Lisa Renae said...

It was wonderful to be part of Andi's rescue. I do have to recognize someone else's efforts. If my boyfriend had not cared for our four foster kittens and my dog that day, I probably would not have been able to make the trip. Two of the kittens were so small that being exposed to an adult cat coming out of the shelter, even in a carrier, would not have been wise, and they were too young to be left without care for the length of time I had to be gone.

He was sort of dragged into fostering kicking and screaming but is wonderful in caring for and training the kittens who grace us with their company. The only real complaint I have ever heard is that he really wishes I would not put a pink harness and leash on a kitten he is responsible for walking

I surely could not do what I get the privilege of doing to help animals without his support...anything from driving them to the vet when I am working, to staying up all night with me when one of our fosters is sick, and of course, being there to hold my hand as we have, in the past, had to have a very very ill kitten euthanized.

Kudos to my wonderful, supportive boyfriend, Gary and to those closest to all the volunteers who make it possible to do what we all do.

A Cat's Tale said...

I love the after photo!!!

I think black cats have an extra spark to their personality.