Wednesday, June 02, 2010

O' Weary Me

It's almost 10 pm as I write this blog post. I've been on the road most of the day today doing only good things that I love to do. How many people can say that?

I'm exhausted tonight, so will be brief.

I met a new foster Dad at the shelter tonight. Tim has an older kitten named Jello-O and he was looking for a running buddy to keep Jello happy while he works. As usual, it's an emotional search. Sometimes I think that people hope I'm exaggerating about the number of cats at the shelter, or their fate. It's very overwhelming when you go there this time of year.

Tim settled on TWO terrorists that should keep Jell-O amused while he's at work:

These guys look like they LOVE to party! They're 12 weeks old and I'm guessing that as I type this post, haven't stopped running at Tim's place. :)

I couldn't help but notice this sad looking little pair when I came in tonight:

The animal control officer wanted to euthanize them right away because they didn't have a Mom and were only 3 weeks old. I called one of our awesome foster homes while I was still at the shelter. Fortunately, this foster Mom had called me just yesterday and told me she was ready to foster some orphans. Yeee-hah! I drove them into the city tonight and they're being loved, and fed tonight. (Thank you Lisa for taking them!)

I couldn't resist taking the Tortie Mom and putting two of her babies with her. She was so happy!!!! The babies knew who she was right away and she started feverishly grooming them. I asked Kim to rotate the other two babies tomorrow so they can all have some time with Mom.

SO MANY sweet nursing Moms and the shelter right now. :(

It took me 2 hours to get to the shelter tonight in torrential rain and rush hour. I stopped at a frickin' Taco Bell (*puke*) to grab something in the drive-thru, bit into the taco, grease poured down my new shirt. I'm sure I'll have a big zit on my chin from the grease in the morning.

But it was worth it. Four more cats got out tonight and I couldn't be happier.


Anonymous said...

Those might be the two cutest kittens ever. I am SO glad they got rescued.

And those two B&W guys? WOW! Does the one have funny ears, or was he mid headshake?


Caroline said...

Kudos to Lisa for taking the orphaned babies, to Tim for taking the panda kittens and to Beth for driving in the rain!

Anonymous said...

PLEASE someone foster the tortie mom and her kids.

Laurie said...

Beth, the two rascals are having a great time, and no doubt are SO happy to stretch their legs after spending so much time in a microwave oven sized cage! The two of them are so sweet and lovable, I have a feeling that Tim and I will have a tough time letting them go!

Thanks again for all of your help, and for driving in the downpour from Oakville :)


Anonymous said...

I have to see some after pictures of the 3 week kittens and the black and white kittens.

I really need to see a happy picture of the 3 week old kittens. Their shelter picture is breaking my heart even though I know they are safe.

Who could dump off two kittens that look that helpless?

Good job to Beth and the foster parents that took in the kittens from yesterday's rescue.

Allison at Novice Life said...

Ditto on someone stepping forward for the tortie mom and kids. I am in OH, otherwise I would in a heartbeat! It is breaking my heart......

SwSmartie said...

Jell-O is on my list of names for cats.

I'm really happy to see all those kittens get rescued, and it makes me wonder how many kittens my shelter REALLY has in BOH.