Monday, June 21, 2010

"Adults Only, Please"

When the request came in over the weekend to rescue a dozen ADULT cats who were already spayed and neutered, I was ecstatic! Really? In the Summer? Twelve ADULT cats....all at once???

I strolled into the shelter this morning feeling like a hero. I was certain that I could clean house and take all the spayed/neutered cats in the shelter. As I walked up and down the aisles, I quickly deflated as I realized there were many more than 12 adult cats that had already been spayed or neutered.

Damnit. I would have to choose. I was really hoping that I wouldn't have to choose today. If a rescue said, "I want ONE purple cat." It would be my luck that there would be two purple cats at the shelter.

Just once, I'd like to feel like I didn't leave somebody behind.

I didn't take all their pictures, but here are a few lucky ones that left the shelter today for a new life:

My friend Kathleen came with me - we also had kittens to rescue and ended up with a Mom cat and her 4 babies, along with another litter of 4 kittens!

If you're keeping track, we managed to rescue 21 little souls today.

I had car problems over the weekend and was stuck driving my son's "Weed Mobile" on the rescue. I honestly can't imagine what people thought of this middle-aged woman driving a car with a spoiler on the back and a marijuana leaf on the bumper. I could've rented a car, but I lost all pride when I thought of driving down the highway with 12+ cat carriers in the car. I played my son's rap crap on the CD to entertain the cats and pretended I was 19 again.

It was really a wonderful day. :)


Smartypants said...

Beth, that image of you driving down the highway in the "weed mobile" is hilarious! I love it. What a great rescue day. In other news, I've had two calls for the kittens today - yahoo!

Anonymous said...

That number is huge! Hooray!!!!......for the adult cats. I have had my eye on Char and a few other females and wondered when they would make it out before I saw an urgent beside their name. What a wonderful day indeed.

Caroline said...

Wow did the 12 cats go to 1 home? Glad that a Momma and her brood got out.

Anonymous said...

Yeah for Kingston!

Nicole said...

What a fantastic day!! I swear we need to start promoting your life as a reality series!!

Debbie said...

It was a much needed , happier blog today.
I an so happy for those beautiful cats and kittens

Anonymous said...

To the average person if they saw you driving with 12 cats in the car, I am SURE they would have thought you were smoking something lol

SwSmartie said...

gotta love a big rescue- after work today, i'll be on my way to pick up my new fosters- 9 kittens and a mama cat!! ekk! i couldn't sleep last night!!

A Cat's Tale said...

Oh yay! How awesome!

Deb said...

You do ROCK, mom.

Marcie said...

The top orange cat "Zigby" was the last of the bunch to find his forever home. He finally got to go home 2 weeks ago & I hope (allthough I adore his beautiful face) I never have to see him again.

Keep up the good work!!