Friday, June 18, 2010

Busy Times

It was never my intent to leave that sad video up the extra day. I've been incredibly busy and found myself on the phone until 10:30 last night dealing with rescue related emergencies, etc. It's amazing to me how quickly things can escalate. One minute it's "A cat needs to be moved from a Petsmart store because he/she is scared" and the next minute, "The cat needs to be moved NOW - he's panting and terrified."

Ahh...such as life with rescue.

I'm happy to report that when I went to the shelter this afternoon, some of the kittens that I had reported were to be euthanized on Wednesday were still alive and well. Apparently, Kim took them off the Euthanasia List - BlessHerLittleHeart. :) It was like a little mini-miracle to see their little faces looking at me. I had said goodbye to them on Tuesday night.

I met a new foster family today at the shelter and they happily took two sweet kittens home with them. They were understandably overwhelmed, but left with plans to foster more after the two they've taken were "launched" in a few weeks. I love hearing the words, "We need to tell our friends about this!!"

After I posted a video about a sad little dog a few days ago, I've had a wonderful outpouring of support to get the little girl out. I'm very happy to report that she's passed the assessment at the shelter and plans have been made for her rescue. I saw her at the shelter today - Man, is she CUTE!

Don't laugh. But I came home with a brown tabby kitten from the shelter. "Parker" was sitting alone in a cage and he's about 12 weeks old. The report is, that some guy showed up on a bicycle with the kitten on his shoulders and left him. Parker and my latest foster "Clementine" look a lot alike, so I'm hoping to pull a "Lucy Ricardo" and David won't notice the extra cat in the house.

I walked into The Land of Dirty Underwear (my son's room) to check on him and found the poor guy asleep in a pile of dirty clothes:
I shouldn't be surprised - it's probably the best spot in the bedroom.

Another cute pose of "Parker" with my son: (I promise, that's not MY hairy chest!)
I have a bunch of happy stories, updates and pictures to post. (Maybe this weekend!) Something to look forward to. Until then...Happy Friday from me and "Parker" :)

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whitesocks said...

Parker is adorable :). I have such a soft spot for tabbies.

Thank you for making that incredibly touching, wake-up-call video, Beth. I'm so glad some of the kittens got a bit of reprieve (thank you Kim!), but I'm going to share this video on my FB page...if even one person sees it and this motivates them to spread the word, it'll be worth all the tears you shed making it, and all of us shed watching it.

Have a great weekend! Looking forward to hearing the happy stories too!