Monday, June 14, 2010

Comfortably Numb

I rescued EIGHT little souls today, so why do I feel so gloomy? I walked into the shelter this morning after the euthansia day. Usually, there are many empty cages and the shelter doesn't feel so full and sad. Sure, I'm fooling myself with this line of thinking , but "fooling myself" is often what it takes to go into that place.

I met a lovely young woman and her Mom this morning and she happily took "Skippy" home!

Skippy is one of those awesome redheads. The family fell in love with him the moment they saw him. He's got his neuter appointment tomorrow and he'll be a bonafide house cat from now on!

My noon appointment was with a young woman who wanted to adopt a kitten. She already had two cats and wanted a little guy. By the time she arrived at the shelter today, she had decided that she could be of more help as a foster home, (She was right!) and happily took home 3 tiny kittens today - one little pair and a single baby. Thanks to her generosity, she free'd up two more cages.

I'm not sure when my emotional wall started to drop today. It sure wasn't voluntary. Maybe it was when I walked in and saw this little guy in the dog holding area. (You can hear me start to cry, as I'm desperately trying to put the emotional wall back up. It didn't work very well)

Sucks. Sucks. Sucks.

After speaking with a foster Mom last night, I also brought home 4 young kittens - about 4 weeks old to hang out in my washroom. There was no way I could put these little dudes in The Land of Dirty Underwear. We may never find them again!

Sorry about the talking in this video (again). I need to figure out how to either shut my yapper, or put music with this:

The Mom of the two grey kittens in this video was killed after she was hit by a car. At least they have a chance at a happier life than their Mom had. Isn't that what we all want for our children?

On the way home from the shelter, I heard an old Pink Floyd song, "Comfortably Numb" and realized that maybe I had been Comfortably Numb for too long. Maybe I need to FEEL once in a while in order to understand why I do this kind of painful volunteer work.

I'm ready to go back into "Comfortably Numb" mode...yep...any time now...let the numbness begin....


Caroline said...

Kudos to the kittens and Skippy's new Moms. Hopefully the dog in the last video gets out. Another rescue group I belong to just rescued a dachshund from there. She's now living with another dog, 5 cats and a few birds. Great job Beth!

Cat said...

OMG that grey kitten in the video is to die for!!! I always have a soft spot for the cute.

My job involves me sitting at my computer for seven hours and shuffling papers around and it is not really a big difference one way or the other. You are truly making a difference between life and death EVERY DAY!! I think you are amazing Beth.


Smartypants said...

The video of the dog made me cry. No wonder you got choked up (not noticeable on the vid, fyi!). The poor thing... ouch, my heart.

Concerned Kitty said...

I have to tell you Beth that the videos may be too effective. After seeing the dog at the shelter and the grey kitten safe in your bathroom, I just broke down and cried.

This is what it's all about. How on earth do you do this day after day? This is definately your calling and may you always have the strength to carry on to help these innocent ones.


Justine said...

Beth, for the record, I don't think you need to "shut your yapper" on the videos :) it's almost like extra blog hearing you talk on them, we get to hear your thoughts then and there on the cats. That gray kitten is seriously too cute, but I liked the little ones in the carrier too. I'm going to miss fostering so much while I'm away!! Can't wait til I can get back to it!

whitesocks said...

I love hearing your voice on the videos, Beth, sighs and all. Please don't put music :) (my two bits :))


Linda said...

Beth you do a wonderful job. You inspire people and save many lives. Please keep the comentary going.

Anonymous said...

Don't stop talking, or crying, or sighing Beth. It's what makes them all the more real. What you say is what we feel. It's sh*t up there for these animals and "feeling sad" is what makes you the special person you are. - Julie

tally oh said...

Don't stop talking, it makes me feel WAY less crazy when I realize I am not the only one who talks to kittens in baby voices and says bizarre things. I think two weeks ago I realized I probably say "you're so silly!" to my cats more than I say any other phrase.

Anyway, the video with the grey kitten totally made me coo all over him too :). You manage to stay much more composed than I!

Amy said...

Hi Beth,

Just wondering - what's going on with that scared little dog in the video? I noticed a reader from this blog let the rescue worker who writes "one bark at a time" know about him, and I'm hoping that someone is helping him out?

The videos are a great idea - I've posted your blog on Facebook (also the blog site address will soon be on posters around town too, if that sounds good to you!)

House of the Discarded said...

Hey Amy -

Regarding that sweet little dog, I'm waiting to hear if SPCA is going to take him. If they aren't, he'll probably be euthanized unless a rescue steps forward or...?

I'd be honoured to have my blog on posters if it'll help the animals!

Thank you so much :)


Dale said...

Second time visitor...(first was last night). My heart aches for that little guy. If I wasn't going be in the US next week until the 28th I'd volunteer to foster him. I can't cancel my trip and the only person I know who could pet-sit is going with me.

Where is the dog in the video anyway. Hamilton Animal Services?

House of the Discarded said...

Dale: Welcome! My understanding is that there are some folks willing to help this little guy (or girl) I'll keep my eye on him :)

Thank you for caring -


A Cat's Tale said...

I recently took in six feral kittens. All grey although one has some white on her chest and tummy and another has some darker stripes. But two of them seem to be medium haired and look like this cutie in the video. Although I think this cutie is younger.

The videos are great Beth. Sometimes rescuing shouldn't be sugar coated.

Anonymous said...

Hi Beth,

Which 8 did you end up rescuing?


House of the Discarded said...

Debbie! Now you're testing my memory which isn't good! hahaha! I know I rescued the 4 kittens, and Skippy, plus 3 single individual kittens. They weren't on the site :)