Monday, June 28, 2010

A Sunday Rescue and an Urgent Plea

I decided to make the trek to the shelter on Sunday for a rescue instead of today. One of our foster Moms was going to be near the shelter that day and wanted to swing by to pick up her new foster cat.

"J" was funny because I had already given her the little monkey in the video from Friday. But she couldn't get "Katy" off her mind. When "J" picked up Katy, she melted into her arms. J carried her all around the shelter and didn't want to put her in the carrier right away. It was the sweetest sight seeing that little grey girl limp in her arms and purring. She knew she was safe. I'm pretty sure Katy still feels safe:

I also met another foster Mom there who rescued two kittens. I think she may have rescued The World's Cutest Orange Kitten - EVER. The little guy was in a cage by himself - 5 weeks old - and looking like he could take on the world if we let him. Holy Moly. Loved that little sweetie!

We have a new foster Mom that requested a pregnant Mom to foster. This time of year, the pregnant Moms don't make it out of the shelter. There aren't enough foster homes. It wasn't easy to choose, since they were all desperate. But this little girl's cage was already marked for euthanasia this morning:When I took her out of the cage to check on her temperament, she started licking my face and purring. "'re coming with me, little girl." Thanks to the foster Mom that stepped forward. This sweet calico came *this* close to dying this morning.

I have an URGENT PLEA for a little girl at the shelter with a really bad name: "Q-Tip"

Q-Tip is going to die. She's been in the shelter for TWO MONTHS, her kittens are already dead, but the staff have been trying to save Q-Tip. She's a very very sweet little cat that is getting so depressed she hardly lifts her head up when I pet her. Her eyes are begging me to help her. If you can help Q-Tip, (and promise me you'll change her name!), please let me know as soon as possible. The shelter can't hold her any longer - it's just too full in there right now.

I had looked forward to a quiet Monday of answering emails and catching up. I knew by 8 am it wasn't meant to be. Amazing how I can spend ALL DAY on cat-related emergencies and challenges. Thank heavens there were other volunteers who were near their email to help me juggle it all.

I'm hoping for a day tomorrow that involves rescuing Q-Tip.


Allison at Novice Life said...

*Praying for Qtip*

Cat said...

I'm telling you Beth there is something about the greys; they are super affectionate!

Sweet Max would give hugs and lie with me for hours. My arms would be aching from holding him but I never had the heart to move him!

I have my fingers crossed for Q-tip

Deb said...

I will think only good things for Q-tip today. No cat should die in a shelter. I wish you lived closer so I could give you a hug for all that you do. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Deb =^..^=x5

Caroline said...

Hey Beth,

I hope Q-tip gets out, she's probably depressed because her babies left, why would the AC do that? If they cared enough to keep her alive why not keep the kittens with her too?
Deb: Thanks for the cat ^..^ I didn't know how to do that!