Friday, June 25, 2010

A Happier Friday

I went to the shelter today to rescue one little grey kitten for a foster Mom. Some may think that's a waste of gas and time to rescue ONE little kitten, I but I won't tell the kitten you said that.

It's a bonus when I can call a foster parent from the shelter and say, "There's the cutest little fluffy guy here that you'd LOVE...." and before I finish my sentence, she says:

"SURE! I'll take him and one other one to keep him company." (Thank you, Susan!)

I feel like I won the lottery. I went in for ONE cat - came out with THREE:

Anybody who reads this blog knows that I'm not a newbie with regards to cat-related chaos on the road. But this little grey guy that I rescued today was SOOOO sad to be in the carrier, that he kept slamming his face against the cage. Drool was flying all over.

I decided to take safety into my own hands....literally: (Hope this makes you laugh!)

What I didn't say, is that this guy was soaking wet from pee. Of course, now *I* smell like pee too. This 12 week old kitten was SO happy to be in my arms, he sighed, started to purr and went completely limp. I just couldn't put him back in that carrier.

Happy Friday....Yes, indeed - it's a Happy Friday :)


A Cat's Tale said...

Hmm how can I shorten my story... Adorable brown tabby foster kitten about ten weeks old... he had lost his siblings because of distemper. He and I played a game where we look at each other, then I pretend to hide my face and when I look again he's moved closer to me. Lots of fun eye contact involved. He never got distemper but because he had been exposed to it the shelter and I decided to get him ready for adoption in smaller steps. First I took him in for his shot. On the drive home his carrier door faced me while I was driving. He started to make a 'fuss' and got worse as we went. Next time was to take him in for his neuter and again back home to recover. Again he was making a fuss in his carrier. Then I realized, it wasn't that he hated being in the carrier... I wasn't playing the game with him! Silly me was watching the road and not playing.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful story Beth, and all the wonderful good that you do!

susan said...

Beth: It was our absolute pleasure to have these two sweeties come here today. Thank you for rescuing them for us. They are both adorable.

Nicole said...

Yes yes a VERY happy friday!!

House of the Discarded said...

A Cat's Tale: Loved that story!! LOL


Deb said...

The video was a nice addition. I bet he's a happy boy tonight. Thanks for helping him along with all the others. Deb =^..^=x5

Windy Wonder said...

haha the grey kitten is such a monkey. he hisses and growls at my two fosters and acts all tough. So funny. ill miss him when he goes tomorrow.