Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Brightening the Mood

I had planned on blogging yesterday, but after picking up my car from the shop yesterday, it was promptly "t-boned" by a huge truck in the parking lot of Wendy's. Needless to say, I was in no mood to write. I refuse to drive the "Weed Mobile" again, so am hoping the insurance kicks in a rental car.

I managed to rescue 7 kittens from the shelter today despite my bitter mood. Seven kittens = 3 empty cages at the shelter, which I'm hoping equals a little extra time for some poor soul who might otherwise be euthanized. Five of the kittens went to two new foster Mom's. I had to laugh when the foster Mom said, "I can take 2-3 kittens." When have I ever shown up with just 2 kittens, when a foster parent gave me the option of 3 kittens? Not bloody likely!

Some Before and After picture to lighten my mood:

Ozwald Before....
Ozwald AFTER! ( Doesn't he look spoiled?)

"Decland" Before....

Wow...Decland AFTER!

From my email that made me grin from ear to ear:

"My friend V.B. (Name has been edited) passed along your blog address and I HAD to contact you to give you and update on Dibley. You rescued him, along with his four siblings and his Mother, Cotton, in April 2009 when he was just one day old. He is now one of the absolute loves of my life...along with my husband and my other cat Lucy, of course...He just turned a year old and now I can’t remember life without him....Anyway, I just wanted to thank you SO much for the work you do, and, of course, for rescuing my Dibley....We adore him, and we’re so grateful for the role you played in bringing him to us."

This email wouldn't be complete without a picture of Dibley:

How cute is that guy? Of course, Dibley's rescue wouldn't be possible without his foster Mom stepping up to save his life and his Mom's life. In fact, none of these cats could be rescued without somebody opening their home, their wallet or clearing some space on their calendar to volunteer.

I'm feeling much better now. Bring on the Weed Mobile. :)


Anonymous said...

sorry to hear about the accident Beth. I hope you weren't in the car at the time and nobody was hurt? I know the Tim Hortons and Wendys is often your exchange point for cats…
You probably look pretty cool in the weed mobile however! - Julie

Deb said...

I love to see the before and after's. It just is so uplifting so I thank you for that. I am trying to find a home for one of our shelter's cats that has been sitting there since November, 2009. I have posted her on my blog and facebook. I really hope it helps her find that special someone. There are just so many lovely cats in need right now.
Sorry to hear of your accident. Hope you weren't hurt. Hugs, Deb

Anonymous said...

Oh Dibley you are so adorable. Thanks K for that email and Beth thanks for posting. Fostering Cotton and her babies was a wonderful experience. I love that I can still see them all whenever I want and gorgeous Cotton lives next door so I get to see her daily.