Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Andi's Rescue

It's always a happy day when I can rescue a black cat. I was contacted by a lady from Buffalo, NY that saw Andi on the shelter website. It's funny how a picture can speak volumes to some adopters and allow them to feel inspired to adopt a cat:

She was abandoned by her owners at the shelter because someone in her family had a baby. I still can't believe that there are misinformed people out there that think you have to get rid of your cat when you have a baby. Poor Andi came into the shelter loaded with fleas. No wonder they didn't want her around their baby. Why take care of the fleas when dumping the cat works just the same? I'm furious just typing that!

Fortunately for Andi, a wonderful rescue volunteer has offered to make the long drive to Buffalo to connect with the adopter to give Andi a forever home.

Thought you might like to see Andi's rescue from the shelter today. I hadn't really planned on posting it here, but was just going to send it directly to Andi's new Mom.

Heck...we all needed a smile :)

Tonight? Andi is at the vet's office getting vaccinated and ready to meet her new Mom "Sandy" tomorrow. I think Andi's new Mom will be pleasantly surprised with her new "baby". That little black cat strutted into the vet's office this morning like she owned the place - licked the clinic cat's head, sniffed at a poodle and jumped right up on the counter.

Thank you Lisa for making the long trek tomorrow...

... and thank you Sandy for giving me something to smile about today.


Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Thanks for sharing that with us too!

We need some of the happy ones after the multitude of less than happy tails/tales -

Anonymous said...

That's SO great! I've adopted two cats where I haven't met them prior to bringing them home -including Monster/Anson. Sometimes you just KNOW. And it looks like Andi's new mom knows. Lucky girl! Thanks, Beth!

Anonymous said...

Andi is so cute!!! I am very happy that she is given a forever home! Best wishes for both Andi and her new family to live a happy life together!!!

kristen said...

Awww Beth you are adorable LOL. I just love your perky voice. Andi is sweet...thanks to the adopter, and the volunteer and all who are taking their own time out of their days (and money out of their wallets) to help!

Lisa Renae said...


Anything I can do that puts an animal into a forever home is well worth the time. I look at what you do, and wish I had the courage and strength of character to do it.

I pointed Andi's new mom in the direction of the article in last month's TCR newsletter about how many people it takes to rescue one animal. I think Andi's rescue personifies the message of that article and I am truly honored to be a part of Andi's rescue.

I will make sure to get a great pic of Sandy when she first gets to give Andi that huge huge hug she is waiting to give her new baby, and I know Sandy will share pics of Andi when she gets into her new forever home.

Thanks for making this process as easy as possible.

Ecochica said...

What great news-this is a story worth sharing! Congratulations Andi!!

selkie said...

that is so wondeful! My cat Mulder looks almost exactly LIKE Andi and is the BEST cat ever!! I am disgusted at people who continue to believe the myth that cats and babies don't mix!! I keep pointing out - wheer are the articles detailing cats killing babies? NOWHERE because it is all BS. My cat Rags was 13 when my first child was born, Pippin was 11 - they survived very well thank you!! Rags in fact who really was mightily unimpressed with the babies until the fourth came along, fell in love with my youngest and never left her SIDE. Rags would have been 19 at the time - she slept in her crib, snuggled in the baby carriage with her when we went for walks, and as a toddler, you never saw Kealin with Rags (old, smelly and skinny now) draped around her shoulders like a mink stole! Kealin was almost 5 when rags died and to this day (17 now) she starts crying when she talks about her.

I'm so glad Andi has a chance for a home which will love her forever!

whitesocks said...

Thank you for sharing, Beth.

BTW, wanted to let you know another good thing that came of your blog. You'd once written something about how one of the cats at the shelter had only *one* sheet of newspaper to sit on. I used to collect newspapers in college and take a carload to the shelter in New Delhi as they needed them desperately, but somehow, it had just never occurred to me that shelters HERE too might need newspapers (DUH!).

So! Now, instead of dumping newspapers in the recycle bin, we collect and take them to our local shelter -- who is thrilled.

All because of that one line you wrote. So all you folks out there reading this...maybe your local shelters would be very happy with your newspaper donations :).

House of the Discarded said...

Whitesocks: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! :)


HomeToMany said...

The cat and baby stupidity again. What is wrong with people? are we seriously living in a world where people actually believe this?

I had a baby in 2008 (and am having another one in 2 months) while also living with 2 dogs and (brace yourself) 13 cats!!! and yes the baby is still alive and so are all the cats. Jeez, between the cats and my son I don't know who wants to sleep with who more!

People need to wake the F**K up and stop blaming their pets for EVERYTHING!

Yay, to everyone involved in getting this gorgeous kitty to a wonderful new home.