Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Keeping a Stiff Upper Lip

I was going to put out an urgent plea today for my newest favourite girl at the shelter named "Emily":
I'm praying that an urgent plea won't be necessary. I received an email and subsequent phone call from a WONDERFUL sounding couple who are interested in adopting my butterball Emily! I'm supposed to meet her at the shelter tomorrow and am crossing my fingers that this adoption goes through. Emily is one of those special, sweet cats that you can tell was really loved at one point in her life. I don't know why she is there, but she sure needs to be the love of somebody's life.

This could be her last night in a shelter cage!

Last week I worked on an adoption for a very cute cat named "Andrew":

How cute is this guy? Andrew has a wonderful little personality and was quickly scooped up by a really nice young woman. She sent me this picture of Andrew yesterday:
Doesn't he look like a pampered spoiled boy now? Love it! Love it!

We recently rescued a pretty little girl named Shiraz:Her foster Daddy sent me an awesome "after" picture of Shiraz:

What an incredible transformation...*happy sigh*

I think I'm going to try taking a video at the shelter tomorrow. The vet that took a bunch of Moms and kittens a few weeks ago ended up taking 40 Moms and kittens from ANOTHER shelter. I guess they needed help too, but I counted on her to come and help the cats from my shelter. Tomorrow is a euthanasia day, and it's left me feeling very sad and desperate for the faces I won't see tomorrow when I arrive.

I need some more "After" pictures of spoiled cats. I feel like they're few and far between right now.


Elizabeth Stiletto said...

Hey it's Tara here - I think the video is awesome idea. If you can; upload it to Facebook and tag me, I will share it with everyone with a message. :) (Tara's Rescue Page) on FB.

Anonymous said...

It must be awful to go to the shelter after a euthansia morning. I can't even imagine and I know I couldn't do it. Please try not to get discouraged, the work you do really counts and the cats know you are trying your best to help them!

Caroline said...

I hope Emily makes it out, she looks exactly like the Emily that I fostered. A grumpy girl in the beginning but a Princess in the end!

whitesocks said...

*LOVE* the before-after pics. ohhhhhh.

CanuckPet said...

No matter how much you know they have found homes, a happy tail / after picture just always makes it more worthwhile, doesn't it