Saturday, June 12, 2010


I can always tell what kind of rescue day it's been by what's in my car at the end of the day:

3 Tim Horton's Coffee Cups
1 Protein Bar Wrapper
1 Granola Bar Wrapper
1 Special K CRAP-fest bar wrapper

1 pink towel covered in cat poop

and...15 empty cat carriers

Yesterday, we managed to rescue TWENTY ONE little souls! Pretty much all the cats from the videos were rescued (still waiting on help for the black and white 4 week olds) It was really an exciting day for me.

I had been on the road with 20 cats for about 15 minutes when my cell phone rang:

"Beth, have you left the shelter yet? I have a foster home for FRANKLIN!"

If I wasn't afraid of flying cat poop, I would've made one of those dramatic screeeching u-turns in the middle of the highway. I drove back to the shelter and picked up Franklin. He had been at the shelter for more than 2 months and I couldn't let our big black panther sit in that cage one more minute.

Two different rescues were involved in getting these cats out of the shelter yesterday. It was a wonderful, exhausting day.

I came home to David saying that our Esso gas bill was $800.00 last month. ("Sowwy! I love you, sweetie") At least I didn't get a ticket for doing a commando U-turn in the middle of the highway to get Franklin.


Chaotix said...

I have never understood the stigma attached to black cats. Maybe I'm missing something?

Nicole said...

Wonderful day Beth however I think I am going to have to lend you and David my hybrid to save some money on gas!!!! hahaha

House of the Discarded said...

Nicole: Don't tempt me!

Anonymous said...

Hooray for Franklin! PLEASE get us an "after" photo of the big guy so I can picture him lounging in comfort instead of wallowing in that tiny cage which is how I always saw him. Thank-you to the rescue who stepped up for him and the gas-guzzling blonde that made it happen :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome work, Beth!!! Revel in it for a while!


Concerned Kitty said...

You have made my weekend! I am so happy that Franklin has made it out. I know that he has been there for a while and after not seeing his picture on the website yesterday, I thought of the inevitable.

Thank you so very much to the person that called and a very special thank you to the angel that made the life saving U-Turn.

Concerned Kitty

Deb said...

I will go to sleep tonight knowing Franklin and all the others are stretching out their little legs on someone's bed or big comfy couch. Have a wonderful life, Franklin & friends. Thanks for making this happen Beth. Hugs, Deb =^..^=x5

SwSmartie said...

21 Cats!! That's really wonderful!

I'm left wondering what happens on the other side of the rescue though. Where do these foster homes come from?

House of the Discarded said...

SwSmartie: That's a good idea for another blog post!!! Too much to type in the comment section.

I can tell you that it seems like these foster homes drop out of heaven. :)


CanuckPet said...

21 cats is wonderful news!

Anonymous said...

What about the black and white guy (and the sibling in the back of the cage) in the first bit of the first video? Are those the ones you're still waiting on help for? Theye are so cute; I really hope someone steps forward for them ... if they are even still alive.

House of the Discarded said...

Anonymous: You mean the tiny little black and white guy? He hasn't been rescued - YET. But we're trying. He's still alive, however.


Anonymous said...

Thank you everyone who involved in saving them!!! They are all so cute!!! I love black kitties and don't understand why they are so unpopular up there in Canada. Hope the remaining ones get rescued as well!

whitesocks said...

Beth you are an ANGEL. Thank you thank you thank you.

One of our three rascals is a black panther...and the most loving, gentle baby in the WORLD. She'd been dumped by someone in an empty house when she was a little one :(.