Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Easing the Load

My day started with the hair on my upper lip being ripped out by it's roots with hot wax. When the heck did I get old enough to get hair on my lip anyway? I guess it still blows my mind that there was a day in recent history where I could walk out the door by just brushing my hair. My grooming routines have become ridiculous...but I guess that's a post for a different blog.

My mission at the shelter today was to rescue ONE cat for a new foster Mom in the area. I could rescue anybody as long as he or she was spayed or neutered already. There are so many at the shelter that fit this description, it wasn't going to be easy to choose.


Kim showed me "Riley":

Riley is a big sweet boy that arrived at the shelter yesterday. He was surrendered by his owners because "the kids didn't want to play with him anymore". I could ring their necks. Because of Riley's age, he didn't stand any chance in the shelter and would no doubt be euthanized tomorrow.

Taking Riley means Emily Grace couldn't be rescued today. It was a shitty crummy choice to make. But Riley had NO chance tomorrow and Emily Grace wasn't marked for euthanasia. She would have to wait.

On my way to the shelter I get a call from one of my favourite people...."Go ahead and rescue a 2 or 3 kittens for me...whatever you think..." Kim and I gave her FIVE. One came into the shelter as an "owner surrender" as we were leaving. I couldn't leave him! He was only 6 weeks old - and I added him to the 4 kittens I had rescued. This foster Mom has a huge heart and I knew she'd understand. She did. :)

Here are a few of the cuties I rescued for her today:

I rescued a little guy who is currently at my house tonight. He was "calling" to me when I was at the shelter yesterday. I couldn't leave him one more day:

I named him "Buster" and he's 10 weeks old of C-U-T-E-. He's a little younger than I'm comfortable with at my house, but he's having a ball tearing around my bedroom. It must feel so good to run like the wind after being cooped up in a tiny cage. He took a nap with me this afternoon. I was in heaven waking up after an hour nap with a kitten snuggled up to my face.

Many thank you's and hugs to everybody who made it possible for me to rescue SEVEN little souls today. The shelter was very full today, and I was told tomorrow would be a "huge euthanasia day". But because I rescued 5 single individual kittens, (instead of one litter), that opened up 5 cages. I'm hoping I helped ease the load just a little bit.

I did receive an update on Gordon. Among other things, his new Mom said: "I haven't been able to get any pictures of Gordon yet as he won't stay far enough away to get something in focus, he follows you around climbing up you leg to get patted."

No, I can't change the world. But I changed Gordon's world....and for tonight... That's good enough for me.


Anonymous said...

It's heartbreaking to hear about yet another huge euthanasia day (I'll be thinking of those sweet souls tomorrow morning). But THANK YOU for saving Gordon and another 7 today!

Anonymous said...

How disgusting that parents are teaching their children that it is no big deal to dump an animal at a shelter when they get 'tired of playing with it'!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my god, Buster is adorable! I am a sucker for the cap and tail cats. That is part of why Jersey was my favourite. :) I miss that little kitten. But the rest of the family is doing well, so that's good.

The foster parent with 5 kittens must be having so much fun. I know I can't wait until all my kittens get to mingle after the quarantine period is done!

Ecochica said...

Yay how wonderful!! I have been watching Starla and hoped she would make it out alive! Godbless you Beth, Kim and all the other foster parents out there who are helping all these little souls make it out alive!!

Laura HP said...

It's wonderful to hear that 7 kitties were saved! Plus 5 empty cages means a lot when there's the threat of a big euthanasia day. Riley is a beauty, that is a beautiful red colour. And Buster is a total cutie! =D

Anonymous said...

Hi Beth,I've referred someone to you who is interested in Popcorn, the dlh cream. Told her to contact you via your blog.


House of the Discarded said...


I'm sorry, but that little guy isn't in the shelter anymore :(

However, we did rescue a VERY cute fluffy orange female who looks exactly like him - same age.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand "the kids don't want to play with him anymore". I mean, *so what*? An un-played-with cat in a home is a massive improvement over caged and euthanized, for heaven's sake. The shelter should put a sign on the door telling people the odds of their relinquishment getting adopted. "2009 To date: X relinquishments, Y rescued." I mean, dumping at a shelter is *ghastly* and evil, but it's more effort and better than dumping in a forest or lot or something. Clearly, there must be a shred of decency in this people... it just needs to be smacked to the surface. I'd like to think...

Anonymous said...

Those kittens are adorable Beth!!!