Saturday, November 28, 2009

Toronto Humane Society Opinion

I've been pretty quiet throughout the whole Toronto Humane Society fiasco . If you haven't heard about it, please click on the link and read away. I've had so many people ask me what my opinion is regarding the mess over there. I've always said "I just want to rescue cats and don't want to be involved in politics."

I can no longer say "it's political." It isn't.

A fellow blogger at "One Bark at a Time" speaks for me in his recent post after a mummified dead cat was found in a "humane trap" in the ceiling at this shelter. This (probably) feral cat was trapped, and forgotten.

I really encourage you to read his post: Of Dead Cats and Politics at Toronto Humane

I'm having nightmares about this cat. I can't imagine what the poor thing went through screaming and clawing at the cage bars. Nobody heard him. Or perhaps nobody would listen.
It must've been like being buried alive.

Bottom line? I used to sit on the fence regarding the allegations of Toronto Humane Society. Not any more. I hope they throw the book at them.


Anonymous said...

I am just in tears thinking about that poor cat in the trap. It takes about 40 days for a cat to starve to death....can you imagine the poor thing, how he suffered. That is just not forgivable, I don't care who you are that is the most INHUMANE thing you could do. Life is a precious balance and if the balance has tipped the unfortunate reality is that euthanization is the most humane course of action. Every animal deserves a loving home but one out of about five cats is lucky to find that home because there are just too many unwanted PETS!! Affordable fixing is a must.

Laura HP said...

I totally understand sitting on the fence because of the fear that it's political. The only thing remotely, slightly positive about finding that cat is that it truly exposed everything over there to be way, way beyond politics. The poor thing must have suffered so much, and the worst thing is that it's not the only one. There are TOO MANY cats there - too many animals in general. It's horrific.
I was talking to somebody who was helping them clean up/handle the animals over there, and it sounds like a nightmare. Not deliberate abuse, but neglect on such a huge scale...Tim Trow and his people have a lot to answer for. I too hope they throw the book at them.

Robert said...

I forgot who originally said it.. But.. "The measure of a man isnt how he treats friends, its how he treats the ones thats arent."

I probably mangled it.. but hope the meaning comes across. I'd love to be in the front row of the courtroom when they convict this sorry example for a human.

Everycat said...

Just caught up with the latest on the THS (I saw the picture story a few months ago about animals being kept in awful conditions and dying) Having read more, it smacks to me of what happens when you have psychopathic bullies in charge of an organisation. I hope the perpetrators of this obscenity get the book and lots more thrown at them.

I hope that from now on, those poor animals get a better deal now the truth about that train wreck is out in public.

To die of neglect inside the very place that purports to be a humane place of safety is perhaps the worst of ends. The despair and pain of those animals, the terror of that poor cat, should be played out to those responsible for the rest of their lives.

Shame on them.

AMP said...

Disgusting - they should have to endure what they made these animals endure.

Shannon said...

As a fired THS society who has seen the neglect first hand, I honestly think that this is the best thing to happen for animal welfare in the GTA in a long time. I hope they get put away for a long time.

I also hope this motivates the Public Guardian and Trustee to investigate the spending of donor dollars.

Smartypants said...

We are just sick about that cat too, Beth. I haven't stopped kissing and hugging Marve and Wally since reading the story.

Anonymous said...

I think the whole thing is disgusting, those who were entrusted to save animals abusing them !!! BUT what makes me more irate is using donations to pay for the court fees for the accused !!!

Crystal said...

As angry and disgusted as I am about this situation and man am I pissed, my rage goes beyond these disgusting human beings who were entrusted to run this organization to the many ignorant people out there that still do not spay or nueter thier pets or choose to "abandon" thier cats and dogs at shelters everywhere, thus allowing this situation of overcrowding and disgusting living conditions to happen in the first place. The entire cycle of idiots, from the people who choose to surrender these innocent animals right up the ladder to the CEO at the THS need a swift kick in the *blank* As I sit here typing cuddled up with my own adopted shelter kitties and my dogs, It is just unimaginable that there are people out there who would choose not to protect or care for these precious souls. I don't get it, I will never get it!
I wonder if any of the people held responsible for these horrific acts believes in Karma?

Anonymous said...

As a volunteer helping with the clean up at the THS this weekend I have to say that I am disgusted at the attitude of the TAS staff. Their techs went through all the rooms inspecting the cats one by one looking for the smallest reason to have cruelty charges pressed and the cats euthanized. "This cat probably has a blood disorder - it shoud be euthanized". This cat is blind - it should be euthanized" This cat has bad diabetes - it should be euthanized" This cat has eye ulcers - charges should be pressed" "This cat is constipated - charges should be pressed" "This scared cat bit somebody - it should be euthanized". Anybody thinking this is not a witch hunt is dead wrong. Not once in the 8 hours that I was in a clinic room did any TAS or OSPCA techs give the cats their prescribed meds.

The OSPCA started kicking all staff and volunteers from every organization out at 7pm, regardless if the animals had food or water. Orphan kittens in their nursery are not being fed. Animals in the clinic are not receivng their medication. This sure seems like a situation of the pot calling the kettle black.

The OSCA has done a wonderful job of slanting what is going on to the media for their own political benefit. Do changes need to be made? Absolutely. Do they need more staff and volunteers? Absolutely. Should some of the animals receive more care? Absolutely. Are the animals just left in their cages to die to reduce the euthanasia statistics? Absolutely not. Its hard to charge an organization such as the TAS with animal cruelty and neglect when they just kill all the very sick animals that come into their care.

I am not a THS staff member, I am not a Tim Trow supporter but I am long time volunteer at the THS and am proud of it.

House of the Discarded said...

Anonymous: Wow...thank you so much for this very important viewpoint. I really appreciate you taking the time to give us some insight.

I wish you'd send your thoughts to the media so that both of these important sides can be heard.


Laura HP said...

I wish people would stop dragging TAS into this as though they were the ones at fault. The THS are the ones at fault (the directors anyway). The OSPCA are the ones who took over. TAS are the ones who came in to help clean up the mess and that's it. They've done nothing except their workers gave their time to help the animals who needed it.

a girL in a coma said...

I am having nightmares about this cat as well. Especially since I rescued this one cat that had been coming to my area on and off for 2 years. Took me TWO years to finally get her off the streets. I had her overnight in a separate room. I cleaned her up, I fed her. I brushed her. I used the same humane trap that I borrowed from the THS to trap her. I used to volunteer there, so I was allowed to borrow it. The cat was affectionate, despite being "feral". She lasted 4 days at the THS. When I inquired about her, I was told she "died" and that was all they could tell me. I still cry over her, I rescued 2 litters of kittens she had during these 2 years - she had them behind the my shed in my backyard - I always left food for her so I could trap her, but she was too smart for me. Sometimes I think she was better off on the streets. I regret taking her to the THS. I don't really know what happened to her. Did she die? Did they let her out? All I know is that I gave her love for half a night, and I tried to do well for her, but the THS did not do well for her. And now this cat. I have nightmares. My heart cannot take it anymore :(

a girL in a coma said...

Now, I am also worried about the 2-hr feeders. Those kittens need their food. They can't close the doors and not let people do their job. We volunteer for the animals, not for the whole politics fiasco!

Anonymous said...

I'm very happy to here that included in the warrant are the financial records. CRA rules are VERY clear about how direct donations to a registered charity are to be handled, and I hope the tax man gets the final squeeze on Trow. His own personal taxes were seized too.