Thursday, November 26, 2009

Crippled by a Cat Crate?

I wanted to post about the rescue yesterday, but I've somehow hurt my back. The only thing that doesn't hurt is my fingers typing away on the keyboard and sitting on the edge of my desk chair. I've got a call into my chiropractor this morning and will be on his doorstep when he opens at noon. I don't think I can drive myself. Now I understand what people are feeling who have a "bad back". I managed to feed the cats this morning, but not without breaking into a sweat.

The rescue yesterday was great! I had my eye on this rowdy little black guy with a huge white dot on his chest. He's one of those 12 week old kittens that had his paw ALL the way out of the cage to get my attention. I wish I could foster him - I'm guessing he and Bucky would've had a ball. The picture doesn't do him justice, and I'm sure his new foster Mom will love him:

I also rescued a sweet little girl named "Georgia":

The lady that adopted the grey kitten yesterday was going to adopt her until the tiny grey kitten came into the shelter. She came so close to being adopted, that I couldn't leave her. She's a pretty little thing, I think! :)

I'm hoping my ice pack has refrozen by now. I took Advil and it hasn't touched the pain. I'm looking out my front window as I type this and see all the "Starbucks" ladies power-walking by my house. I hate them. I really do. :)

Painkillers....why don't I have painkillers in the house?


Caroline said...

Hey Beth,

I hope you feel better fast. Always keep pain pills in the house.Same with allergy medication. When you're down to 4 pills buy another bottle.

Take care

Anonymous said...

Screw Advil. Robax Platinum is the only way to go. Sweet, sweet Robax. And a hot bath, ideally with epsom salts (and jets, if you have a jacuzzi tub!).

It's great to see "plain" kittens are being adopted, and not just the flashy ones. As I'm fostering solid black kittens, this gives me hope!

House of the Discarded said...

Anonymous: I took your advice and had my son pick up Robax Platinum. It hasn't touched the pain. NOW I'm worried.


Anonymous said...

Owwwww... does your chiro do therapeutic ultrasound? Can you access a TENS machine (a Dr. Ho will do!) Where in your back hurts? If it's your SI joint gone out, it'll hurt like a bugger for several days, but with good chiro, and the odd stretch, you'll be back in business. Oh, and send your son out to get a "physioball" or pilates ball. A big one - like, 3 feet across. You can drape over it forwards and geeeently stretch your spine and muscles (it'll hurt like crazy at first) with lots of support. Fingers crossed you can get some relief.

Anonymous said...


You need painkillers?? I've got painkillers!! Let me know and we can meet for coffee and percs, or oxycontins, or naproxens (actually working the best for me these days!) or arthrotecs, or tramadols... the list goes on!!k Ahh, the life of a chronic pain patient ;)

you know who!!

ps sebastian is feeling much better today and ate like a little porker!

Anonymous said...

Hi Beth....I work in a chiropractic office....sorry to say but don't do the hot bath at this are too inflammed. You were correct with the ice and Robaxacet is a good product. The same thing happened to me at this time last year. Don't sit too much...or lay too much...try to vary your position...walk a little bit too...slowly and gently. Hope you feel better soon. Try to take time to rest....let the family take care of you for a change...maybe milk the situation a little ;)

Patricia said...

I found your blog through TCR and have been moved by your posts. I am a mom to two amazing black kitties that we rescued from a shelter last year and so thankful that we found them. I would like to donate some $$ to help with your rescues, please let me know how I can reach you.

House of the Discarded said...

Patricia: Bless your heart! I can be reached through email: . :)

Thank you so much for caring for the cats.