Thursday, November 05, 2009

A Thursday Rescue & Friday Hope

Just in case you haven't had enough "sweet" in your life, I thought I'd post a few pictures of my latest foster kitten "Bucky":
Bucky has been sleeping between me and David at night. He snuggles as close as he can and I often wake up feeling like I'm choking because he lays right against my face. When we get up in the night to use the washroom, Bucky thinks it's time to party. I don't think we're getting much sleep, but he sure keeps us laughing. I think he tries to cozy up to my snotty old lady cats that also sleep with us, so we've been waking up to the sound of growling and hissing. We've been watching the show "Ghost Hunters", so being awakened by hissing and growling is particularly frightening! But I love him - as you can see, so does my son Will.

I was back at the shelter again today and rescued "Goliath". Goliath had been at the shelter such a long time. As soon as I heard a foster home wanted to save him, I couldn't get to the shelter fast enough. What a victory when a black adult cat is rescued! I could hear the big boy purring in the crate while he sat in the passenger side of my car.

While I was at the shelter, I always walk by the "Holding cages" to see the cats that came in so far that day. There was The World's Cutest Kitten - (TWCK). I'm certain he was brother to an orange fluffy 5 week old female that I had rescued on Tuesday. I called the foster Mom from the shelter and told her that I thought I had a sibling...she didn't hesitate - "I'll take him!" Bless her heart. :)

Tomorrow is another rescue day - that's 4 days this week! I'm bringing my camera and looking forward to posting some pictures of tomorrow's rescue. I'm waiting to hear back from volunteer drivers. My fingers are crossed it goes smoothly, because I'm putting this together very last minute.

I made some promises today to some pretty sweet faces at the shelter that tonight would be their last night in that place.


Debbie said...

Did you rescue Popcorn????He is so cute , as soon as I saw him I thought of you.
I love all of them, but the orange fluffy ones are super cute!!

Caroline said...

Hi Beth,

I just submitted an idea to the Aviva Community Fund, a competition that could result in positive change at the Hamilton Animal Control.If my idea receives enough votes, it will have a chance at sharing in $500,000.

My proposal is for a low cost spay and neuter clinic for Hamilton connected to the current animal control and SPCA. Please click on my link and vote for my idea as often as possible. You have to register on the AVIVA page in order to vote but it only takes a few seconds to do. Please vote as often as possible. You can add the link to your favorites.

The mayor of Hamilton is ignorant that the real problem is people in Hamilton not spaying or neutering their cats.

Therefore it is up to the rest of us to get a spay and neuter clinic implemented, possibly as an extension to the current building. With the population under control, there will be space for the cats that are given up for other reasons and they will have a better chance at being rescued.

Please vote for my idea at

Thanks in advance for supporting my cause,

Caroline Folk

House of the Discarded said...

Awesome, Caroline! I'm votin',and I hope everybody else that reads this blog will too!

Anonymous said...

Bucky is gorgeous, Beth! I have no idea how you're going to give him up. :)

Everycat said...

Goliath in foster! YAY! Splendid fella, he'll bloom I bet.

Bucky is a gem and has landed firmly on all four paws with you!